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Please understand: submissions are for guest posts only. Life Wise Lady does not pay for articles at this time.

The Benefits of Writing for Life Wise Lady:

  • You will get exposure to approximately 20,000 followers on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon accounts. Articles published are in constant rotation and are included in weekly emails.
  • You will be given a link to your site at the beginning of the article or within your 150-word bio at the end of the piece. Your bio will include your professional headshot. You will also be given links to up to three of your social media accounts.
  • Check out How to Feel Gratitude After a Disastrous Year as an example of what a published guest post looks like.

You may want to browse the content of this site before considering submitting your work. If you feel you are a good fit, proceed to the guidelines.

General Guidelines:

  1. Articles should be well-written, inspiring, and informative. Posts should be of interest to female entrepreneurs. Topics include midlife startups, professional reinvention, work/life balance, finances, business travel, networking, email marketing, monetizing, business psychology, branding, franchising, social media, freelancing, public relations, technology, business strategies, best practices, etc.
  2. Actionable tips, resource lists, pros and cons, professional advice, numbered posts, and how-to articles are preferred. Provide a catchy title. Go to CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer if you need help. Use short 5-7 sentence paragraphs, subheadings, and bullets when you can.
  3. The submission of your post does not guarantee publication. Life Wise Lady does not publish content that is political or religious in nature. Please keep your business pitches and sales talk to a minimum.
  4. Only send one blog pitch at a time and wait at least one week to hear back before inquiring or sending another pitch. Life Wise Lady cannot guarantee a response to every submission. Life Wise Lady reserves the right to edit your work and bears no legal responsibility for its content.

Specific Guidelines:

  1. Send your pitch with a title and brief outline here with the subject line Guest Contributor.
  2. Only original content will be considered. Your article should not have been published on your site, or anyone else’s in the past.
  3. Your article should be 1000-1500 words and submitted in the form of a Word doc.
  4. Do not include images or graphs unless they are critical to your post, AND you own the rights to them.  Never use other people’s images, infographics, charts, etc. If you do send your pictures that are critical to your work, you automatically give Life Wise Lady your permission to publish them. You may include a link to a relevant Youtube or Vimeo video.
  5. After your submission is approved, please create a Gravatar account if you don’t already have one. Your author’s picture and bio will come from your Gravatar. Don’t worry… it’s easy. Go to gravatar.com to set this up. Your bio should be 150 words or less.
  6. If your article is published on Life Wise Lady, please promote it on your social media accounts. You may also include a link to it within the ‘as seen on’ section of your website. Or you may use the Life Wise Lady logo below or the logo at the top of this page.

Thank you. I look forward to reading and reviewing your guest post submissions.

Are you a business expert who can help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses? Consider guest blogging for Life Wise Lady. You’ll get exposure, a link, a bio, & a pic. It’s a win-win. Check it out!