what is a freelance model

If you’ve ever dreamed of a career that combines your passion for fashion, creativity, and self-expression, modeling could be the path for you. While many models sign exclusive contracts with agencies, others prefer the independence and control that come with being a freelance model. In this article, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of the freelance modeling world, from what it is to how to become a freelancer, the necessary skills to succeed, the work environment, potential earnings, and career prospects.

What is a Freelance Model?

what is a freelance model

A freelance model is essentially a professional model who operates independently. Unlike their agency-signed counterparts, freelance models represent themselves and are not bound by contractual agreements with modeling agencies. This independence grants them the freedom to seek out and secure their own modeling jobs. While this approach may entail more effort in self-promotion and job hunting, it provides freelance models greater autonomy. It can potentially lead to higher earnings since they aren’t subject to agency fees.

What Does a Freelance Model Do?

what is a freelance model

The roles and responsibilities of a freelance model can vary depending on their niche or the specific assignment. Here are some typical tasks you might find freelance models engaged in:

Researching Upcoming Job Opportunities

Freelance models often need to stay on top of available opportunities by actively looking for job listings and casting calls.

Networking with Industry Professionals

Building and maintaining connections with photographers, designers, makeup artists, and other industry insiders is crucial to finding work.

Arranging Booking Information

Freelance models are responsible for handling their booking logistics, including negotiating terms, managing schedules, and ensuring all contractual details are in order.

Posing for Photographs or Videos

This is one of the core activities, and it involves the actual modeling work, which may include fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, or artistic projects.

Walking in Fashion Shows

If runway modeling is your niche, you must master the art of walking gracefully on the catwalk.

Modeling Clothing or Accessories

Freelance models may be hired to showcase various fashion items, from clothing to accessories.

Following Directions from Photographers and Directors

Adhering to the creative vision of the photographers and directors is essential to delivering successful projects.

How to Become a Freelance Model

If you’re considering a career as a freelance model, here are the steps to help you get started:

Consider Your Options

Determine the specific niche within modeling you want to pursue, whether it’s runway modeling, commercial modeling, fashion modeling, fitness modeling, or specialized niches like hand or foot modeling.

Practice Modeling

Develop your modeling skills by practicing different poses and becoming comfortable in front of the camera. Experiment with various angles to understand how your body looks in photographs.

Explore Training Options

Consider enrolling in a modeling academy, taking online courses, or attending workshops to enhance your skills. This can include runway walking, posing, and other specialized areas.

Build a Portfolio

Create a portfolio that showcases your versatility and range as a model. Collaborate with photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to obtain high-quality images for your portfolio.

Prepare Casting Materials

Compile essential materials such as your portfolio and a comp card (similar to a business card, summarizing your profile and photos). Some jobs may also require casting photos or videos.

Create an Online Presence

Establish an online presence through a personal website and active social media profiles. Join freelance modeling websites and job boards to find opportunities.

Build a Network

Network with other professionals in the industry, including clients, makeup artists, photographers, and stylists. These connections can lead to future job referrals.

Look for Jobs

Hunt for job opportunities on modeling websites, job boards, and within your network. Focus on clients who work with independent or freelance models.

Freelance Model Skills

what is a freelance model

Succeeding as a freelance model requires a specific set of skills. These skills can be categorized into two main types: hard skills, technical modeling abilities, and soft skills, encompassing personal traits and habits.

Hard Skills


The ability to strike various poses effectively.

Runway Walking

If you’re pursuing runway modeling, mastering the catwalk is essential.


Understanding camera equipment, lighting, and photography basics can be valuable for building your portfolio.

Soft Skills


Building professional connections and expanding your network is crucial for finding work.


Staying self-driven is key to improving your skills and actively seeking job opportunities.


Managing your schedule, appointments, and deadlines efficiently is essential.

Industry Knowledge

Understanding the modeling industry and how to find and market yourself is essential.

Administrative Skills

Being adept at tasks like accounting and communication is important for managing your freelance career.

Other soft skills, like confidence, stress management, self-care, technology proficiency, and effective communication, can also set you apart in the competitive modeling industry.

Freelance Model Work Environment

what is a freelance model

The work environment for a freelance model can vary greatly depending on the specific niche and assignment. Freelance models often work irregular hours, which may include long and physically demanding days. They may find themselves in a studio, on location, or even traveling to different places for assignments.

Freelance Model Salary

what is a freelance model

The income of freelance models is quite variable, as it depends on the contracts they secure. Freelance models negotiate their rates for each job, and rates can vary significantly depending on factors such as experience, niche, and reputation. The national average salary for all models is around $73,283 annually, but this can fluctuate significantly based on individual circumstances.

Freelance Model Career Outlook

The career outlook for freelance models is closely tied to the overall modeling industry. While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t provide specific data for freelance models, it anticipates an 11% growth in modeling employment from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all other occupations. The increase in e-commerce and digital advertising is expected to drive this growth, making it a potentially lucrative time for models to enter the field.


In conclusion, becoming a freelance model can be a rewarding career choice for those who crave independence and are willing to try to manage their own careers. By honing your skills, building a strong portfolio, and leveraging your network, you can carve out a successful path in the ever-evolving world of modeling. So, if you’re passionate about fashion, modeling, and self-expression, consider taking the first steps toward becoming a freelance model and turning your dreams into reality.

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