why girls like guys with ambition

There is a lot a girl looks for in a guy—and with good reason. No one should settle for anything less than the relationship they’ve dreamed of. (More on manifesting the love you desire here.) One of the main things we all look for in a man is ambition!

He doesn’t need to be a multi-millionaire. And, no. He doesn’t need to own a business with the AMEX Platinum card. All we need is a man with the drive to accomplish his goals. Something about that gets our heart pumping, but what is it???

Here’s why girls like guys with ambition:

Why Girls Like Guys With Ambition

Why Girls Like Guys With Ambition

1- Women Want Security

First, women and men want different things out of each other. As Lindsey Metselaar of We Met at Acme puts it, men want sex, and women want security. Yep, sounds right!

As women, we desire stability and reliability in a relationship. When you know your man is focused, committed, and driven to improve, you’ll feel safe around him. You know he’s always going to come through!

Plus, having a few extra zeroes in the bank account doesn’t hurt regarding security…right, ladies?

2- It Shows a Serious Commitment

why girls like guys with ambition

When your man is ambitious and super motivated to accomplish his goal, honey, you know that man is loyal AF. If he can grind it out while starting a new business or advancing his career, you know he won’t give up when the going gets tough.

Just like he shows up at work, he will show up with his relationships. He will pursue you with the same focus he has on his dreams! No wandering eyes with an ambitious man. (Usually. If not, listen to the episode of We Met at Acme called How to Get a Man to Stay Loyal.)

3- No One Needs to Take Care of Them

Who hates a man-child??? All of us. So many men are just looking for someone who can care for them like their mother did. HELLO, that’s a huge red flag.

Codependency doesn’t look good on anybody, especially on a guy you’re interested in. So, women like ambitious men because it clearly shows they can handle their own and care for themselves. These men are fiercely independent!

4- Women Don’t Want to Settle

why girls like guys with ambition

Indeed, men settle more than women. However, it’s one of the 7 significant reasons relationships fail, according to Lauryn and Michael Bosstick of the Him & Her Podcast. So, women will often settle for nothing less than their Prince Charming (or, you know, their Derek Shepherd.)

This is another reason women go for ambitious men because when a man has drive, he has a lot of other essential traits, too, like intentionality, financial stability, loyalty, intelligence, and so much more. He’s, like, the whole frickin’ package.

5- They Match the Energy of a Boss Women

Keeping up with a woman focused on her career or rocking that entrepreneur life isn’t for the meek. The best man for the job will be someone who is similarly driven. They’ll match the woman’s energy and challenge and better each other.

When you’re ambitious and motivated, no one is sitting on the couch daily, not applying themselves, and binging reruns of Laguna Beach. (Okay, but no Laguna Beach hate, we all love Back to the Beach.) Seriously, though, equal effort is a massive part of why boss women love ambitious men.

6- Women Like Men Who Are Growing With Them

Women like men who are growing with them

As we age, we grow. Most women are looking for long-term relationships, and when you’re with someone for a long time, the expectation is that you both grow and change. However, we’ve all had bad relationships where the guy would not grow up.

Ambitious man is constantly bettering themselves. If you and your partner can grow together, you’ll stay together. Wanna know how to be a better partner? Work on yourself, right?! Once you find that perfect man who will want to embrace change with you.


In matters of the heart, ambition is the silent architect of enduring connections. The appeal of ambitious men extends beyond their accomplishments, encompassing loyalty, independence, and a shared commitment to growth. As relationships flourish, the dance of mutual ambition becomes a harmonious journey, forging a path toward shared success and unwavering companionship. Let ambition be the guiding star in the symphony of love, propelling couples towards a future prosperous in shared triumphs.


Why do girls like guys with ambition?

Women are drawn to ambitious men for several reasons. Ambition signals a commitment to personal and professional growth and provides a sense of security and stability in a relationship. It showcases loyalty, independence, and the ability to handle challenges, making ambitious men a complete and attractive package.

How does ambition contribute to a lasting relationship?

Ambition fosters a lasting relationship by fostering commitment, mutual growth, and independence. Ambitious individuals are likelier to persevere through challenges, demonstrating loyalty and determination. The synergy between two ambitious partners creates an environment of continuous improvement and shared accomplishments, strengthening the bond over time.

Are there potential downsides to dating an ambitious man?

While ambition is generally an attractive quality, striking a balance is essential. Some highly ambitious individuals may exhibit traits of narcissism. Recognizing signs of self-centered behavior and ensuring that ambition coexists with humility and consideration is crucial. A healthy relationship involves mutual support and understanding, transcending individual successes.

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