25 Fantastic Facebook Groups for Midlifers and Boomers


To whom do you turn for support and resources as a woman over forty?  Do you confide in family members, neighbors, co-workers, or high school friends? Perhaps the answer is no one.

As midlifers, we experience daily challenges particular to our situations and ages. The sandwich generation, as we are sometimes called, is pulled in multiple directions as we caretake our parents and children, our jobs and romances, our changing bodies and plummeting hormones.  We yearn for emotional support and comradery to maintain a sense of balance and clarity.

Thankfully, with the rise of social media, we no longer rely on proximity to establish connections to people with whom we can relate.  Facebook groups is a prime example of a tool that can help us find quality connections.  According to Pew Research Center, only eighteen percent of Facebook users are women ages forty-five to sixty-four.  However, there is no shortage of groups dedicated to midlifers and boomers.  In fact, the task of narrowing down hundreds or thousands of social groups is daunting.

But fear not my friend.  I have narrowed the choices by eliminating groups of less than two hundred people and those that allow men to join.  Sorry, fellas!  My list of 25 fantastic Facebook groups for midlifers and boomers is for women only.  Of course, the exceptions are groups created for singles and finding romance.

 Update: I have added a few groups to this great list – Enjoy!

Support of All Sort

  • The Latte Lounge (Top Tips 4 Women Over 40!) This “virtual coffee shop for all women over 40, 50, and BEYOND” is a delightful forum to contribute interesting articles, health recommendations, advice, and news.  It was formerly called Top Tips 4 Women Over 40. 

  • Over 40, Fearless & Free (Women’s Group) is a safe place to share inspiring books, tips, and delicious recipes.  There is a maximum of six posts per day to keep down the number of notifications you receive.

  • Fab Women Over 50 is where to go to chat about issues important to you at this stage of life.  It’s an active community of positive, like-minded women who encourage and engage each other frequently.

  • 40+ Women Divorce Support Group is dedicated to helping those who are separated, divorced, or widowed.  You may ask questions or offer guidance to make the most out of one of life’s most stressful situations.

  • Fabulous Midlife Babes – Join the crowd and connect with fantastic ladies from around the world.  You can indulge in humorous videos and memes or seek comfort and counsel.

  • Women Over 50 ROCK was established to empower women with themed days like ‘Monday Motivation’ and ‘Tuesday Tips.’ While the group is mainly one of support, you are allowed to promote your Facebook page or a product/service on Fridays.

  • Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution – The name says it all.  This collaborative community was founded to “shift the perception of women at midlife and beyond.”  Although this group emphasizes style and fashion, various topics are welcome for discussion.

  • My Side of 50 covers issues like health, retirement, food, fashion, travel, grandchildren, and aging parents.  It’s a one stop shop for midlifers and boomers who want to establish virtual friendships.

  • The Flock (of TheMuttonClub.com) – Meet, chat up, and laugh with feisty, outspoken ladies here.  Topics vary and there are no holds barred.  You may also promote your business page on Fridays.



  • Midlife Moms is for women who have babies or toddlers a little later than most.  I am not a member, but I imagine the talk and advice revolve largely around parenting small children and the struggles of midlife motherhood.

  • Having Babies Over 40 (Women Only) – If you are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant or recently gave birth, then you will be welcome here.  It’s a supportive, friendly crowd of “kindred spirits ready to welcome you.”

  • Moms with College Kids – When the hatchlings fly off, you may need tips on how to handle this transition or how to accept your empty nest.  Members also discuss college admissions, internships, and surviving ‘adult children.’


Health, Fitness, and Wellness

  • Day Off Diet Support for Women Over 50 assists midlifers in their struggle with weight loss.  Everyone benefits from the tips, strategies, stories, and recipes shared amongst members.

  • Peri / Menopause Support Group gives direction to those in the beginning stages of menopause or those who have been experiencing this transition for years.

  • ForeverHer – This group focuses on wellness and exercise trends for ladies who are thirty-five plus.  Members offer tips, encouragement, and reviews to inspire you to stay fabulously fit.


Relationships, Dating, and Romance

  • The Original- Over 40 Single Mingle is a “make friends and see what happens” kind of crowd.  You are encouraged to share pictures, discuss events, and arrange meetups.

  • For Over 50 Senior Singles Dating is similar to the group above.  However, the admins strictly forbid anyone under fifty from joining.

  • World Wide Senior Dating and Romance – Don’t let the name of this club discourage you from joining if you are a midlifer.  Singles forty and up are accepted if they have a Facebook profile with a picture of themselves.


Style, Beauty, and Fashion

  • Ageism is Never in Style – Don’t you just love the name?  The group was created for women who feel ignored by the fashion industry simply because of their ages.  Feel free to contribute style tips, blog posts, and inspiring stories.

  • Mamas Over 40 Who Love Makeup, Fitness and Fashion! –  This bunch of gals is, of course, into chatting about style, clothes, makeup, and fitness.  They share the latest trends and discuss releases and give reviews.

  • Style Your Way to Success Over Fifty was created by a midlife image stylist. Interact with this empowering tribe by giving advice, asking questions, or posting pictures of your confidence boosting outfits.

  • Silver Foxy is all about women (and the occasional man) who want to maintain natural, silver hair.  Contribute tutorials, tips, videos, and pictures of yourself and your lovely locks.


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For Writers and Business Owners

  • The Women of Midlife is one of my favorite groups for female bloggers.  Ladies share one another’s articles on social media and offer support on various topics.

  • 40 Plus Blogs is a resource for those who want to produce and read great content.  Writers can share their work with people who truly appreciate it.

  • What Women Want Networking was once called Over 40 Females.  The group is a networking community for those who want to learn, interact, and grow their businesses.

  • Better After 50 Writers and Friends is a forum where freelance writers and their readers connect and contribute content.  Better After 50 itself is an amazing online magazine for “women entering their next phase.”

  • MidLife Bloggers was inactive for a while.  However, the new admin will offer themed days for you to share your work or other’s content.


I sincerely hope you discovered a few groups that piqued your interest on this list. After all, we need to vent and share our successes and frustrations occasionally. Do you remember the intro to the show Cheers?  “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”  My apologies if that song gets stuck in your head for a while.

Do you belong to any fantastic Facebook groups for midlifers and boomers?  If so, don’t keep it a secret.  Please share the names so we can all join.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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25 Fantastic Facebook Groups for Midlifers and Bloggers will help you connect with women over forty who are like-minded and share your experiences.


    • Hello again, Patti. Nice to hear from you. It is certainly inspiring to know these groups of women are out there ready for us to join. Thank you for sharing, as always.

    • Hi, Ruth. There are even more groups for the over sixty crowd. Go on Facebook and look for groups with the keywords ‘over 60’ or ‘senior’ or ‘boomer.’ You’ll find dozens of quality groups. Good luck and thank you for commenting.

  1. Thank you for this great post. Being a Midlife blogger myself, I am constantly looking for more women and groups to interact with. So much so, I just created my own Facebook group. We are an important demographic and need more representation! Hopefully one day I will be on your list!

    • Hi, Crystal. Thanks for starting a group for our demographic. We are largely ignored by marketers and society in general. We need to support each other and change the narrative.

    • Greetings, Brenda. I’m so happy you found value in my list. Come back and let me know which groups you have joined and what you think of them. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you do it again soon.

    • Hello, Leanne. Good for you! I’m always interested in groups with women my age too. So much more to share, right? Thanks for stopping by, as always.

  2. Thanks so much for this – I have just discovered you & signed up to your newsletter! I’m 60years old & actively researching for a book: The Invisibility Myth, with a blog: jeamada.blogspot.com attached to it, plus a website about to be activated. In the U.K., two new groups I am part of on Facebook are: Wearing Wellbeing & Advantages of Age ( i wrote a piece called ‘fuck Invisibility’ for them! – they are both inspirational and supportive. ☀️🦋☀️

    • Wow, Jeanie. Thank you for signing up. I will check out your suggested groups and your blog post. You sound feisty. We need more of that. I hope to hear from you frequently.

    • Aw, Melissa. You’re gonna make me blush. Thank you for the lovely compliments and sharing my post. I am grateful to you.

  3. It’s sad that there are none for women over 60. We have enough time to support a group.We still need to share our daily life’s. Wishing all much joy.Gail McColery.

    • Hi, Gail. If you are looking for groups that are exclusively for over sixty. I suggest you go to the groups section on Facebook and type in a search for ‘over 60’ or ‘boomer’ or ‘senior.’ Hopefully, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Good luck to you.

    • Hello, Lisa. You are very welcome. These groups do keep me quite busy. In fact, if I’m not careful, I can easily fall down the ‘Facebook Groups’ rabbit hole and lose track of time. Thank you for stopping by.

    • Hi, Teri. I thank you for sharing this post. It was fun to research this one and discover new groups to join. I hope you become a member of several.

    • Hi, Loretta. I’m so pleased this post coincided with your search. Let me know which groups you choose to join. Thank you for your feedback.

  4. Thanks so much for including my Facebook Group, Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty, in this list. I’m so honored!! It’s so delightful to experience the spirit and kindness of a group of women from ages 50-90 all sharing their fashion stories, life triumphs and frustrations, and then witness a swarm of open hearts and arms wrapping around the women and telling them everything is going to be all right. I started the group page as a place for women over 50 to get style advice from me, where I could remind them to see their bodies as a beautiful work of art that deserves beautiful colors and fabrics, but it has morphed into something quite magical. Linda Waldon, Image Stylist To Women Over 50

    • Hello, Linda. Wow, what an experience for you and your group’s members. I a pleased there are several high-quality groups for midlife and boomer women to join. Thank you for starting and running yours.

  5. Thanks SO much for including Fabulous Midlife Babes in your fantastic list! I have such a passion for Midlife women to be empowered and surrounded by support as they journey through this stage of life and am so blessed that so many girls have connected through the Fabulous Midlife Babes. I’d love to connect with you further and share some of your articles with my tribe either in the group or via my page http://facebook.com/catcoluccio <3 Cat x

    • Hello, Cat. I appreciate your enthusiasm for empowering midlife women! I would be honored if you shared any of my articles within your lovely Facebook group or on your Facebook page. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Jen. Shared this on my FB page and it was one of the most clicked this week. AND I am getting so many requests to join the My Side of 50 group. Thanks! I also sent it out in today’s newsletter to my subscribers.

    • Hi, Cathy. Congrats to you! This post has been hugely successful. Thank you for including it in your newsletter. We women over forty must stick together and support each other.

    • Hi, Tara. I hope you enjoy the groups you joined. I am happy you shared your link. The more the merrier! Thank you for contributing.


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