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How to Write a Shareable Blog Post Quickly

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Whether you own a business with a blog, you’re a freelance writer or a traditional blogger, learning to write a shareable blog post quickly is an essential skill that can be quite lucrative.  Even if you’ve never written a post before, knowing how to do so can break down barriers and provide opportunities to guest blog on other sites and grow your business.

Do you know how to create a shareable blog post quickly?  Your answer obviously depends on what I mean by ‘quickly.  After all, the word is a bit vague. Some people can crank out a post or two every day.  For others, like me, it’s a slower process affected by time constraints, professional obligations, and family commitments.  So, my definition of the word may be substantially different from yours.

Nonetheless, I would argue most writers would love to increase their output and improve the quality of their posts.  That is where the word ‘shareable’ comes into play.  Will your articles get the love, attention, and engagement they deserve? Will readers clamor to share your content on social media?  If you’re uncertain, consider what you can do to compose more shareable content and increase your writing speed.

Ramp Up Your Productivity

Personally, when I need to produce an article quickly, I use a time management method called the Pomodoro Technique.  I avoid ALL distractions and work on my post for twenty-five minutes.  Then, I take a five-minute break to perform other tasks.  I can answer an email, start a load of laundry, etc.  After my break, the process begins again.  After completing four rounds, I allow myself a more extended break of thirty minutes to relax, eat a meal or exercise.

This technique is amazingly effective, and I suggest using it throughout the entire process of creating your content.

Perhaps you’re saying, “I’ll just write shorter posts.  Then I can produce more in less time.”  Well, you can do that.  However, your site will not please Google if it’s packed with mini posts.  Google will respond by pushing you down the rankings.  Better to publish articles of at least 600 words.  And audiences share longer articles more often anyway.

Create a Catchy Title

I can’t tell you how many times I have read a strange, unclear, or incredibly long post title and ask, “What was this writer thinking?”  Of course, I don’t click on the link because I don’t want to waste my time.  That may sound harsh, but it’s hard to take bloggers seriously when they don’t understand or adhere to basic rules.

  1. The title should be a clear statement or question

  2. It should be relatively short – six to ten words is usually plenty

  3. Powerful and emotional words like ‘you’ or ‘free’ or ‘easy’ should be incorporated

  4. Numbered posts and how-to articles typically generate more interest

Chose a Relevant Yet Interesting Image

Another important aspect of a shareable blog post is the image your readers see.  You don’t have to break the bank to obtain eye-catching pictures for your content.  Plenty of free-to-use sites offer professional photos for you to upload to your blog.  Here are a few:

  1. Pexels

  2. Skitterphoto

  3. Gratisography

  4. Pixabay – now offers pictures and short videos

For example, this video was free for me to use in this post.

Use Images, Graphs, or Videos Within Your Post

Readers will likely find your content more appealing if it contains a little visual stimulation.  Include a relevant photo from the sites I mentioned above or embed an emotional Tweet or instructional video for impact.  People share posts that entertain and provide value.

Make the Words Stand Out (In a Good Way)

Most professional bloggers keep their paragraphs short.  They would likely tell you to vary the length of your sentences too.  Readers have become accustomed to this style of writing because they’re skimmers.  They simply love subheaders and bullet points.  So use them.

This brings me to another point.  I know it sounds boring, but use a large, standard looking font when you blog.  People can’t read tiny words on a mobile device and won’t stay on your post, let alone share it.  And if at all possible, use black lettering on white background.  You might think this is ho-hum, but you’ll look like a pro.  And that will result in social media shares.

Include a Call-to-Action At the End

If a reader makes it all the way through your post, you have kept their interest and provided valuable information.  It’s the perfect time to ask them to:

1. Leave a comment about your post

2. Join your email list or Facebook group

3. Follow you on social media

4. Share your post

Don’t ask your audience to complete more than one action.  Their time is important, and you’ll likely irritate them if you request too much.

Triple Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors

The following paragraphs contain affiliate links.  If you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Before you publish your content, edit it.  Then do it two more times.  Go through each paragraph line by line.  Does it make the grade?  Nothing will ruin the quality of a post like a series of typos.  You won’t look professional and neither will your work.

When I began my journey as a blogger, I wanted to hire a proofreader.  However, I could not afford one.  So, I purchased Grammarly.  It is an inexpensive program that edits my posts, Microsoft Word documents, and my emails.  I still rely on it to correct my work daily.  If you just can’t swing it at this time, ask a trusted friend or family member to review your article.

For Goodness Sake, Include Share Buttons

How can anyone pass along your epic post without share buttons?  Don’t make it difficult for your fans to sing your praises.  No share buttons translate into little attention or exposure to potential readers or clients.  Perish the thought!

Several plugins give writers the ability to place share buttons on their site.  After much research, I opted for Social Warfare.  This tool has helped my business grow with professional looking buttons that look great on desktop and mobile.

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So, there you have it; my suggestions on how to write a shareable blog post quickly.  I hope you found them valuable.  If you follow these steps, you’ll be cranking out crazy good content in no time!

And please consider sharing this post. (There’s that call-to-action – ha!)

Remember, life is better when we lift each other up.

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9 Quality Pinterest Group Boards for Motivated Midlifers


Midlifers really like Pinterest.  In fact, according to Ignite Social Media, 53% of Pinterest users fall between thirty-five and fifty-four years of age.  What’s more, 80% of all users are women.  So, it’s safe to say female midlifers are big fans of this social media platform.

However, Pinterest isn’t exactly social.  As a user, you will find little opportunity for networking, friending, or chit-chatting in general.  Instead, think of Pinterest as a search engine like Google.  That being said, you can make comments on pins, follow specific people or businesses, and join group boards.  People typically join Pinterest group boards to promote their business products or blogs.  Additionally, you can participate in other types of group boards based on your hobbies and interests.

What Are Pinterest Group Boards

A group board is substantially the same as any other Pinterest board. The only difference is that many people (members) contribute pins to it rather than just one person.  It’s important to note that you can follow a board without becoming a member.

The creator of the board acts as an admin who can add new members or remove members who don’t follow the rules.  The creator is the first person pictured next to the group’s description.  The description explains what topics are covered and usually gives instructions on how to become a member.

How Can I Find Pinterest Group Boards?

Before I give you my list of group boards for midlifers, let me explain how to find other group boards that pique your interest.  There are a few methods of discovering relevant boards.

  • First, you can go to the Pinterest website and type in a word or phrase you want to search.  People and boards with names containing your searched word or phrase will appear.

  • Second, look at your competitors’ boards to see which group boards they belong to and contribute to frequently.

  • Third, check out your analytics if you have a Pinterest business account.  Look at ‘People You Reach,’ then ‘Interests,’ then ‘Your Followers.’

  • Fourth, search Pin Groupie to find groups and learn vital statistics about each one.  This is my favorite method.  You can search by category, word, phrase, or description.  And it’s free to use.  Woohoo!

Here is a short YouTube video to help you learn to use Pin Groupie:


My Favorite Pinterest Group Boards

Happiness at Midlife is the group to check out if you need a mood boost.  Inspirational quotes and topics like romance and mental health are frequently covered.

Skin Care for Women over 40 is a large group dedicated to providing tips, products, and articles to midlifers seeking health and beauty advice.  This active board offers an abundance of DIY recipes for self-care.

Boulevard of Midlife Bloggers is a collection of posts by women who are professional and hobby bloggers over the age of forty-five. The group allows up to two pins submitted each day per member.

Mid Life Stride allows members to pin up to two items a day and asks, like most groups, for reciprocation.  Topics like goals, fashion, health, and empty nest are preferred.

Forty Plus Bloggers Supporting Each Other permits up to three pins per day to be submitted by members. Pins must be of articles and not items or services for sale.  To become a member, you must be a writer who is forty plus and willing to share other members’ content.

Midlife Ladies is brought to you by Kimberly at Fifty Jewels.  This group is comprised of about fifty women who contribute all types of content.  That is, as long as they are of interest to women who follow the group.

Food and Recipes for Over 50s is, of course, a group for pinners focused on preparing and eating food designed to appeal to the fifty plus crowd. Consider joining if you have recipes to contribute or you just need to prepare a tasty meal for dinner.

Interesting Reading: The Other F Word Director Shines a Spotlight on Midlife

Midlife Inspiration is comprised of a small yet mighty group of women focused on embracing and enjoying life after forty.  Pins on this board offer tips on everything from health to love to career.

Vintage Hippies 50+ is Pinterest’s virtual time machine.  Travel back to the sixties and seventies if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.  Pins are meant to promote vintage hippie culture and lifestyle.

Well, there’s my list of quality Pinterest boards for motivated midlifers.  What do you think of my choices?  Did I leave out your favorite?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Remember, life is better when we lift each other up.

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25 Fantastic Facebook Groups for Midlifers and Boomers

Fantastic Facebook Groups for Midlifers and Boomers

To whom do you turn for support and resources as a woman over forty?  Do you confide in family members, neighbors, co-workers, or high school friends? Perhaps the answer is no one.

As midlifers, we experience daily challenges particular to our situations and ages. The sandwich generation, as we are sometimes called, is pulled in multiple directions as we caretake our parents and children, our jobs and romances, our changing bodies and plummeting hormones.  We yearn for emotional support and comradery to maintain a sense of balance and clarity.

Thankfully, with the rise of social media, we no longer rely on proximity to establish connections to people with whom we can relate.  Facebook groups is a prime example of a tool that can help us find quality connections.  According to Pew Research Center, only eighteen percent of Facebook users are women ages forty-five to sixty-four.  However, there is no shortage of groups dedicated to midlifers and boomers.  In fact, the task of narrowing down hundreds or thousands of social groups is daunting.

But fear not my friend.  I have narrowed the choices by eliminating groups of less than two hundred people and those that allow men to join.  Sorry, fellas!  My list of 25 fantastic Facebook groups for midlifers and boomers is for women only.  Of course, the exceptions are groups created for singles and finding romance.

 Update: I have added a few groups to this post and started my own FB group.  It is a community of businesswomen and bloggers over forty who want to share their wisdom, products, and services with each other.  Join Life Wise Lady!

Support of All Sort

  • The Latte Lounge (Top Tips 4 Women Over 40!) This “virtual coffee shop for all women over 40, 50, and BEYOND” is a delightful forum to contribute interesting articles, health recommendations, advice, and news.  It was formerly called Top Tips 4 Women Over 40. 

  • Over 40, Fearless & Free (Women’s Group) is a safe place to share inspiring books, tips, and delicious recipes.  There is a maximum of six posts per day to keep down the number of notifications you receive.

  • Fab Women Over 50 is where to go to chat about issues important to you at this stage of life.  It’s an active community of positive, like-minded women who encourage and engage each other frequently.

  • 40+ Women Divorce Support Group is dedicated to helping those who are separated, divorced, or widowed.  You may ask questions or offer guidance to make the most out of one of life’s most stressful situations.

  • Rocking Midlife – Join the crowd and connect with fantastic ladies from around the world.  You can indulge in humorous videos and memes or seek comfort and counsel.

  • Women Over 50 ROCK was established to empower women with themed days like ‘Monday Motivation’ and ‘Tuesday Tips.’ While the group is mainly one of support, you are allowed to promote your Facebook page or a product/service on Fridays.

  • Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution – The name says it all.  This collaborative community was founded to “shift the perception of women at midlife and beyond.”  Although this group emphasizes style and fashion, various topics are welcome for discussion.

  • My Side of 50 covers issues like health, retirement, food, fashion, travel, grandchildren, and aging parents.  It’s a one stop shop for midlifers and boomers who want to establish virtual friendships.

  • The Flock (of – Meet, chat up, and laugh with feisty, outspoken ladies here.  Topics vary and there are no holds barred.  You may also promote your business page on Fridays.



  • Midlife Moms is for women who have babies or toddlers a little later than most.  I am not a member, but I imagine the talk and advice revolve largely around parenting small children and the struggles of midlife motherhood.

  • Having Babies Over 40 (Women Only) – If you are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant or recently gave birth, then you will be welcome here.  It’s a supportive, friendly crowd of “kindred spirits ready to welcome you.”

  • Moms with College Kids – When the hatchlings fly off, you may need tips on how to handle this transition or how to accept your empty nest.  Members also discuss college admissions, internships, and surviving ‘adult children.’


Health, Fitness, and Wellness

  • Day Off Diet Support for Women Over 50 assists midlifers in their struggle with weight loss.  Everyone benefits from the tips, strategies, stories, and recipes shared amongst members.

  • Peri / Menopause Support Group gives direction to those in the beginning stages of menopause or those who have been experiencing this transition for years.

  • ForeverHer – This group focuses on wellness and exercise trends for ladies who are thirty-five plus.  Members offer tips, encouragement, and reviews to inspire you to stay fabulously fit.


Relationships, Dating, and Romance

  • The Original- Over 40 Single Mingle is a “make friends and see what happens” kind of crowd.  You are encouraged to share pictures, discuss events, and arrange meetups.

  • For Over 50 Senior Singles Dating is similar to the group above.  However, the admins strictly forbid anyone under fifty from joining.

  • World Wide Senior Dating and Romance – Don’t let the name of this club discourage you from joining if you are a midlifer.  Singles forty and up are accepted if they have a Facebook profile with a picture of themselves.


Style, Beauty, and Fashion

  • Beauty Q&A..Insider Tips – This is a U.K. only group for women to share, ask about, and learn beauty tips.  They frequently discuss trends and which products and services they prefer and why.

  • Ageism is Never in Style – Don’t you just love the name?  The group was created for women who feel ignored by the fashion industry simply because of their ages.  Feel free to contribute style tips, blog posts, and inspiring stories.

  • Mamas Over 40 Who Love Makeup, Fitness and Fashion! –  This bunch of gals is, of course, into chatting about style, clothes, makeup, and fitness.  They share the latest trends and discuss releases and give reviews.

  • Style Your Way to Success Over Fifty was created by a midlife image stylist. Interact with this empowering tribe by giving advice, asking questions, or posting pictures of your confidence boosting outfits.

  • Silver Foxy is all about women (and the occasional man) who want to maintain natural, silver hair.  Contribute tutorials, tips, videos, and pictures of yourself and your lovely locks.

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For Writers and Business Owners


I sincerely hope you discovered a few groups that piqued your interest on this list. After all, we need to vent and share our successes and frustrations occasionally. Do you remember the intro to the show Cheers?  “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”  My apologies if that song gets stuck in your head for a while.

Do you belong to any fantastic Facebook groups for midlifers and boomers?  If so, don’t keep it a secret.  Please share the names so we can all join.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Likes


This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

I wish there were easy answers in business.  It would be lovely if we could figure out the perfect formula or crack the code or get the recipe to the ‘secret sauce’ of entrepreneurship.  It would make life a lot easier and save a tremendous amount of time.  We all want shortcuts and we want them now.  As a matter of fact, where is that $50,000 per month paycheck and half a million Facebook followers I was promised by every online marketing guru on the internet?  After all, I have been blogging for seven months now.  Shouldn’t I be a millionaire already?

Unrealistic expectations and algorithm changes are stressing most of us to the point we will spend ridiculous sums of money on courses or gimmicks to reach unattainable social media goals.  The truth is, you should not compare yourself to people who started their Facebook business pages several years ago.  The landscape was different.  You now have to work twice as hard to get half the fans.  I admit I’ve been frustrated too.   So much so, that I doggedly investigated a few new tactics of my own that I would like to share with you.  Let’s go over these 5 inexpensive ways to boost your Facebook page likes.

1. Share Popular Videos or Produce Your Own

I know this is not news, but it bears repeating.  FB loves it when you produce your own live video or share someone else’s.  You will probably increase engagement, reach, and Facebook pages likes implementing this strategy.  It can be intimidating and time-consuming to put yourself on camera, so if you feel overly nervous, simply post interesting or humorous videos from popular FB accounts.  Make sure you only promote content that will resonate with your audience.  I recently shared this inspiring video with my niche audience of women over forty.  It resulted in a nice boost for my account with little effort from me.

2. Create Quotes Posts

I noticed a significant jump in my likes and engagement when I started using quote posts on all my social media platforms.  I create them in Canva and use their ‘magic resize’ tool to change the dimensions to fit the image requirements for each social media platform.  As a result, I am able to share the same quote post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.  Canva can also be used to create infographics and memes.

I upload these posts to my scheduling tools Tailwind (for Pinterest and Instagram) and MeetEdgar (for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to maximize my reach.   When existing fans share my quotes, I get the page exposure I need to gain coveted Facebook page likes and followers on my other social media accounts.

3. Install a Facebook Page Plugin

If you have a WordPress website, you can choose from several different plugins that will embed your Facebook page within your sidebar.  Some plugins are free while others are not.  All are relatively inexpensive options though. The Page Plugin is readily available and easy to install.  This short video will guide you through the process.

4. Do Interviews With Podcasters

Being a guest on a podcast might prove less stressful than producing a Facebook Live or YouTube video because you won’t need to appear on camera or create a script.  When the episode is released, you’ll likely get a link to your site or your FB page and often both.  I have been interviewed by several podcasters and find the process gets easier each time.  The host is usually more than happy to mention your FB page at the end of the interview.

Don’t wait for an invitation from a podcaster.  Be proactive here.  Find your niche on iTunes charts and start researching.  If you are a beginner, you’ll need to start with newer podcasters who are more likely to interview someone with less experience as a guest.  I recently signed up for weekly emails from PodcastGuests.  This company matches potential guests with hosts who need interviews.  The best part, it is a free service for guests.  I’ve already completed one interview and have another scheduled next week.

5. Ask for Facebook Page Likes at the End of Emails

If you haven’t already created your business email list, you should.  After I signed up with ConvertKit, my list took off.  Getting your new products, services or blog posts in front of your clients and readers is imperative to the growth of your site and Facebook page.

After someone signs up for your weekly emails or newsletter, your welcome email should end with a call to action asking them to follow you on Facebook.  Do not request likes on all your social media channels.  Pick one and go with it.  If you want to see how I’ve done this, you’ll have to sign up to receive my weekly post!  I am so subtle, right?

If you want 10 additional FB tips from the experts, click here.

I hope you found a few cost-effective strategies to boost your Facebook page likes.  What tactics do you use to grow your followers?  Let me know in the comment section below.  As always, if you found value in my post, please share it with other business owners and bloggers.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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700+ Best Hashtags for Businesswomen and Bloggers


As a business owner, I find streamlining my social media tasks an absolute necessity.  Otherwise, I get overwhelmed with the minutia and spend half my day wading through posts and tweets.  Not a productive or efficient use of my time. However, knowing what information to include in a tweet or a post can be tough. It all depends on your industry, niche, and which social media platform you are using.

When you are working with Twitter or Instagram, you should be including the best hashtags to extend your reach and increase engagement.  I recently wrote about how to utilize hashtag websites to your advantage.  If you are unfamiliar with these tools, go to my post here.

RiteTag is a site that ranks hashtags.  When you type in a tag, it is given a color designation.

GreenUse this # to get seen now.

Blue: Use this # to get seen over time.

Gray: Do not use this # because of low traffic.  

Red: Do not use this # because it is overused.

RiteTag is a great resource, but it still takes time to go through and determine which tags are usable and a correct fit for you.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the trouble.  I have sorted and selected the 700+ best hashtags for businesswomen and bloggers.


Hashtags for Business

Online Shops: #sale, #savealot, #jewelry, #crafts, #handmade, #Etsy, #smallbusiness, #business, #smallbiz, #women, #giveaway, #artist, #Etsyrt, #diy, #deals, #save, #gift, #gifts, #art, #drawing, #bag, #top, #giftideas, #buyitnow, #artwork, #dress, #bags, #handbag, #handbags, #epiconEtsy, #purses

Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers: #quote, #quotes, #startup, #ecommerce, #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, #contentmarketing, #digitalmarketing, #marketing, #makemoney, #makemoneyonline, #online, #onlinemarketing, #onlinebusiness, #smalbusiness, #business, #smallbiz, #entrepreneurship, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurs, #opportunity, #success, #thankyou, #truth, #inspiration, #motivation, #goals, #workfromhome, #money, #buyitnow, #startuplife, #startupgrind, #passiveincome, #residualincome, #financialfreedom, #makemoneyfromhome, #wahm, #sahm, #timemanagement, #networkmarketing, #mompreneur, #productivity, #mumsinbiz, #homebusiness

Virtual Assistants: #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, #smm, #business, #smallbusiness, #success, #analytics, #instagram, #repost, #digitalmarketing, #branding, #trending, #workfromhome, #facebook, #traffic, #tech, #web, #website, #seo, #google, #women #virtualassistant, #vatip, #va, #outsource, #linkedin, #gmail, #socialmarketing, #sahm, #wahm, #mompreneur, #homebusiness, #pinterest, #promote, #solopreneur, #wahm, #sahm, #womeninbiz

Business Coaches: #quote, #quotes, #business, #smallbusiness, #smallbiz, #startup, #motivation, #inspiration, #thankyou, #success, #opportunity, #truth, #money, #makemoney, #makemoneyonline, #workfromhome, #women, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurs, #entrepreneurship, #work, #sales, #relaunch, #startuplife, #startupgrind, #passiveincome, #residualincome, #financialfreedom, #wahm, #sahm, #solopreneur, #mompreneur, #womeninbiz, #homebusiness, #biz, #bizcoach, #lifecoach, #timemanagement, #productivity, #income, #sales, #stress, #frustrated, #happiness, #transformation

Podcasters: #podcast, #radio, #tv, #listenlive, #tunein, #tips, #business, #socialmedia, #giveaway, #itunes, #soundcloud, #women, #blogging, #listen, #onair, #smallbiz, #business, #success, #truth, #inspiration, #motivation, #money, #trypod, #podcasting, #stitcher, #googleplay, #interview, #info, #chat, #fan, #sponsor, #show, #passiveincome, #residualincome, #financialfreedom, #homebusiness, #timemanagement, #productivity

Hashtags for Bloggers and Writers

Freelance Writers: #blogger, #writing, #amwriting, #author, #asmsg (authors social media support group), #freelance, #indie, #books, #content, #contentmarketing, #kindle, #kindleunlimited, #mystery, #romance, #fantasy, #free, #quote, #quotes, #ebook, #thriller, #scifi, #competition, #repost, #audiobook, #nonfiction, #fiction, #editor, #bloggingtips, #goodreads, #bestbooks, #writerslife, #amediting, #creativity, #indieauthor, #newrelease

Food and Recipe Bloggers: #blogger, #recipe, #recipes, #delicious, #food, #foodie, #foodporn, #cook, #cooking, #vegan, #diet, #health, #breakfast, #coffee, #wine, #winelover, #muffin, #brunch, #recipeblog, #nutrition, #yum, #yumyum, #yummy, #lunch, #chicken, #chocolate, #cake, #cupcake, #cupcakes, #baking, #cookies, #cheese, #burger, #pizza, #salad, #dessert, #fondant, #dinner, #protien, #cabbage, #flatbread, #quick, #instafood, #crockpot, #smoothie, #raw, #gluten, #glutenfree, #paleo, #soup, #eat, #sidedish, #allergyfriendly

Travel Bloggers: #blogger, #travel, #travelguide, #nature, #photography, #photo, #adventure, #sunset, #love, #food, #world, #ttot (Twitter talk on travel), #tips, #guide, #people, #vacation, #hotel, #beach, #holiday, #life, #summer, #spring, #france, #weather, #usa, #shopping, #mexico, #japan, #canada, #europe,  #paradise, #trip, #visit, #travellers, #traveling, #travelworld, #traveltime, #hoteldeals, #flight, #flights, #wanderlust, #winter, #fall, #season, #sightseeing, #asia

Mommy and Parenting Bloggers: #blogger, #family, #mom, #mompreneur, #momlife, #parenting, #kids, #baby, #teens, #children, #toys, #music, #games, #work, #free, #giveaway, #discount,  #workfromhome, #gift, #gifts, #birthday, #girls, #coupon, #coupons, #parent, #toddlers, #boys, #teenagers, #babyfood, #motherhood, #dadlife, #play, #mumlife, #babies, #playdoh, #pics, #cartoon, #kidscrafts, #crafts, #safespace, #sahm, #mummybloggers, #wahm, #kidsfashion, #kidswear, #babyclothes, #productivity, #timemanagement

Fitness and Health Bloggers: #blogger, #fitness, #fit, #yoga, #gym, #health, #diet, #vegan, #food, #workout, #running, #tips, #video, #training, #runtastic, #tennis, #protein, #raw, #keto, #glutes, #smoothie, #paleo, #meditation, #exercise, #nutrition, #gluten, #glutenfree, #itworks, #healthyfat, #cleaneating, #healthyeating, #healthyfood, #body, #cardio, #weight, #plan, #workoutplan, #abs, #bodybuilding, #carbs, #aerobic, #pushups, #strength, #lunges, #squats

Money and Finance Bloggers: #blogger, #tips, #money, #makemoney, #savealot, #save, #deals, #coupon, #coupons, #offers, #free, #giveaway, #discount, #makemoneyonline, #job, #jobs, #career, #hiring, #internet, #auto, #insurance, #food, #giftcards, #personalfinance, #earnmoney, #expertise, #discounts, #college, #grants, #scholarships, #funds, #freebies, #freesamples, #tax, #taxes, #bills, #income, #salary, #utilities, #cellphone, #solar, #frugalliving

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Hashtags for Specific Days of the Week

Monday: #sale, #selfie, #Mondaymotivation, #motivationMonday, #mindfulMonday, #Mondayfunday

Tuesday: #sale, #selfie, #Tuesday, #Tuesdaymotivation, #topicTuesday, #Tuesdaytreat

Wednesday: #sale, #selfie, #Wednesday, #Wednesdaywisdom, #winitWednesday, #womancrushWednesday 

Thursday: #sale, #selfie, #Thursday, #Thursdaythoughts, #tbt (throw back Thursday), #Thursdaymotivation 

Friday: #sale, #selfie, #Friday, #happyFriday, #Fridayfeeling, #tgif (thank goodness it’s Friday), #FriYay, #Fridaymotivation, #Fridayreads, #Fridayfunday, #fbf (flash back Friday) 

Saturday: #sale, #selfie, #weekend, #Saturday, #Saturdayshenanigans 

Sunday: #sale, #selfie, #weekend, #Sunday, #Sundaybest, #spotlightSunday, #Sundayfunday 

Please keep in mind that the color designation for each tag could change over time.  It would be wise to recheck them every once in a while for viability.

Using the best hashtags effectively is imperative to your social media marketing strategy.  Antionette Blake, The Delaware Blogger, uses them like hot sauce. “I love hashtags.  I put those **** on everything.”

I hope you discovered dozens of tags to boost your reach and engagement.  If you found this post helpful, please share it with other businesswomen and bloggers.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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How to Use Hashtracking and Other Hashtag Lookup Tools


I no longer look at the # symbol and say, “that’s the pound sign.”  I suppose the repetitiveness of social media has beaten that response out of me.  It did take several months to make that mental shift, though.  I remember a few years back when I didn’t understand what a hashtag was or why a company would need to use one.  Times have certainly changed for business owners.

It’s not enough to start and maintain accounts on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the rest.  Your complete understanding of each platform is vital to your success.  You probably already know that users of Twitter and Instagram often include hashtags in their posts to gain more exposure for their products and services.  Some businesses are better at this tactic than others.  But, how do the successful people do it?  They know how to use Hashtracking and other hashtag lookup tools to boost their social media traffic.


I have to say; I recommend this tool for medium to large businesses or blogs because it’s a pricey subscription product meant to help you with both Instagram and Twitter.  However, you can get a free trial.  Hashtracking gives you a wealth of information about your own branded, unique hashtag or any generic one.  Discover peak use times, engagement, participation, sources, comments, likes, reach, and more.  The analytics are extremely impressive.


Tailwind has recently introduced a hashtag finder for Instagram.  Up until now, there have not been many Instagram hashtag tools on the market that are affordable and helpful.  This tool suggests the best hashtags for your posts as you type your Instagram captions.  You can include up to thirty tags per post, so Tailwind allows you to save groups of them in their Hashtag Lists feature. You can then access and use that group on any future post you want.  Tailwind claims that users grow their Instagram likes five times faster than non-users.



The free version of Hashtagify provides you with their Compact Hashtags Encyclopedia (Twitter only) including ten related hashtags, six top influencers for your chosen tag and some introductory course material on hashtags.  The upgraded package gives you more information and courses plus access to their Hashtags Lab for Instagram.  I utilize the free program to find the popularity of a tag and then to discover the top ten related hashtags.


TagDef is the most straightforward resource for hashtags I’ve seen.  When you don’t know the meaning of a particular tag, just type it in and ta-dah!  You will have an instant definition.  For example, #oomf means ‘one of my friends’ or ‘one of my followers.’  Pssst, you could use this helpful site to decipher your kid’s texts or tweets.  It’s a thought.


RiteTag is probably my favorite free Twitter tool.  Although, Hashtagify is a close second.  The site tells you if you should use a hashtag or not.  Type in your query and the program will categorize it as either green (use this # to get seen now) or blue (use this # to get seen over time) or gray (do not use this # because of low traffic) or red (do not use this # because it’s overused).  You will also be given related tags when you search by topic.  I wrote a list post of 700+ hashtags for businesswomen and bloggers.  Click here to check it out.

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I have heard a few experts say that you’re not supposed to use more than two or three tags per tweet, or the rate of retweets and interaction goes down.  Additionally, you should no longer put “please rt” or “please share” in any posts on most platforms.  I don’t know if that applies to the hashtags #rt or #share.  Use those at your own risk.  You may be pushed down the feed or ‘shadowbanned’ or voted off the island or whatever it’s called today.

Now that you know how to use Hashtracking and other hashtag lookup tools, you will be able to increase your social media engagement.  These resources will also cut down on the amount of time you spend on your Twitter and Instagram marketing.

If you found this post helpful, please share it so other business owners and bloggers can benefit.  Do you have any suggestions for effective social media tools?  Don’t keep them secret.  Let us know in the comment section.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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The Best Tailwind Tribes to Join for Successful Women in Business

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Perhaps you’ve heard a great deal about Tailwind tribes lately.  You’re curious but cautious.  After all, you’d rather light your hair on fire than devote one more minute to another social media or networking group.  I feel you.  I’ve been there.  Before you run screaming for the hills, let me explain what they are and how they help women in business save time and maximize their reach on Pinterest.   Then I’ll recommend the best Tailwind tribes to join for your niche or blog.

First off, Tailwind is a nifty scheduling tool for both Pinterest and Instagram.  The program allows you to schedule the same pin to your own boards, group boards, and tribes.  You can access analytics for your social media accounts and discover shareable content as well.  Their newest feature is a hashtag finder for Instagram.

Tailwind tribes are themed groups of online marketers or bloggers who contribute their pins.  The purpose is, of course, to share each other's content.  I schedule a week's worth of pins (about 120 for me) in under thirty minutes because it's easy and convenient to choose all I want from my fellow tribe members. They, in turn, share my posts.  Who doesn't like a win-win?

I joined 19 tribes within my niche about two weeks ago.  I submitted 7-10 posts to each one over the last 14 days.  Since then I have received 159 re-shares or repins and, according to Tailwind, increased my reach on those pins to 1,062,800.  Whaaaat?  I, of course, had to check my Pinterest analytics too.  The average daily saves from my profile went up by 21.58%.  And the daily views the pins from website got jumped an incredible 141.51%.  Happy dance!

For the time being, tribes are not searchable.  So, it remains difficult to find appropriate Tailwind tribes to join.  Although, I have heard through the grapevine that a search feature will be added in the near future.  In the meantime, I've gathered together this list for you to consider.


1. Business, Money, and Finance

Internet Marketing Super Friends - entrepreneur, email marketing, make money online, content marketing

Small Business - running a small business, social media tips, your products, other people's products

Money Matters - budgeting, frugal living, debt free, saving money


2. Home, Design, DIY, and Crafts

Home Design and DIY - interior decorating, furniture, home decor, home makeovers

All Things Craftydesign, DIY, crafts

Crafts, Recipes, DIY - recipes, do-it-yourself, projects

3. Travel

Budget Travel - frugal and money saving travel

Family Travel - articles and posts about family travel

Travel Pinspiration - tips, destinations, inspiring travel


4. Recipes and Cooking

Everything Cake! - baking, decorating, products, cake

Good and Healthy Food Board - paleo, low carb, wheat belly

Paleo and Gluten Free Lifestyle - recipes for gluten free and paleo


5. Parenting, Mommy, and Education

Parenting and Pregnancy - babies, kids, and mommies

Educational Printable Makers - school, education, and printables

Kid Pins Going Viralparenting, babies, children, family


Click here for a free month of Tailwind.

6. Blogging and Bloggers

Bloggers Chalkboard - social media tips, monetization, email list building, blogging advice and strategies

Blogging Friends Pins - bloggers promoting each other's pins on all topics

Mom Blogs - kids, family, work at home, budget, finance, everything mom

Faith Blogger Pins - religion, faith

Virtual Assistant & Blogging Tips - make money from home, virtual assistant tips, blogging strategies


7. General and Miscellaneous

Photography Tips - advice, tips, and Photoshop

Everything Yoga - fitness, yoga, retreats, studios, equipment

Positive People - improving your lifestyle, good habits, kindness

The Millenial Life - all things young adult

Style Tribe: Fashion & Beauty - clothes, shoes, makeup, beauty


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I truly hope you see the benefit in finding Tailwind tribes to join.  This tool saves you time and maximizes your reach so you can become one of the most successful women in business.  If you found value in this list, please share it with others.  You can also fill me in on other great tribes to join in the comment section below.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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Attack of the Algorithms! 10 Expert Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Recently, I was enjoying a couple of top-notch business podcasts (Social Media Marketing and The Science of Social Media) and heard some similar and alarming news from both about algorithms.  But first, let me explain the word algorithm. In this case, it is the set of rules that define usage set by each platform.

As I listened, I learned that Facebook, Twitter, and others are punishing you for submitting unpopular content.  If you post something that’s a dud, your next submission will have less reach.  Okay, maybe this isn’t news to you, but there’s more.  The social media gods are going to also penalize you for duplicate content if they aren’t already.  That’s right.  It’s coming.  If you put blood, sweat, and tears into a post, you will be punished for scheduling it again and again on the same platform.  Yikes!

These changes, of course, are in an attempt to clean up the end user’s experience.  Facebook and the others don’t want spam, fake news, or low-quality content on their sites.  While I appreciate the intent as a reader, I hate the consequences as a business owner.  It means online marketers are in for more work and less reward.   “What can be done to save us?” you cry.  Lucky for us, the experts had 10 tips to keep our businesses safe.

      1.  Delete posts on social media after an hour or two if they get zero engagement.  You can resubmit at a different time with different wording or a new image.  Eventually, though, this tactic may not work because the algorithms could identify duplicate content by your post’s URL alone.

      2. When your post is earning likes, shares, retweets, etc., consider paying a few dollars to promote it.  Use whatever marketing budget you have to grow your reach, even if it’s just a few dollars per week.  Yeah, you knew it was ultimately about the money.

      3. Write more posts.  Sigh.  If you’re going to be ignored by social media after you submit new content, create more often.  The interesting outcome here could be the decline of evergreen content.  As a result, you could write articles about time-sensitive topics more often. It’s something to consider.

      4. According to the experts at the MeetEdgar blog, Facebook reactions (love, haha, wow, sad, and angry) are given more value than a mere ‘like.’  So, it’s imperative to use images and titles that evoke emotion.  People who are scrolling through their feeds will often choose to react without even clicking on your content itself. 

      5. Use video.  Facebook has already declared that it’s pushing its live video to the top of the feed.  This is not surprising because when your posts are clicked on, the reader will be sent away from Facebook to your site.   Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg don’t want that!  Use video several times per week.  Michael Stelzner, CEO and Founder of Social Media Examiner humorously says, “Facebook is like the Hotel California.  You can check out, but you can never leave,”

      6. Send your friends and family a message and request they like, react to, and share your newly submitted content immediately.  Facebook seems to treat quick interaction as a sign of quality content.

      7. Get your email list going. You can send your latest post through email assuring that your audience will see the content being hidden or lost by social media.  I signed up for ConvetKit because of its unique automation features and because it was designed for professional bloggers.  Although, I know of several types of businesses that also use it successfully.

      8.  Have more social media accounts.  Again, sigh.  I don’t want more platforms to manage, but if I get less reach with each of the five I have, then I have no choice.  YouTube and Periscope might be good options if you’re not already using them because they’re video platforms.  Don’t forget about Stumbleupon and Reddit.  They may be smaller than the major players, but they still have considerable reach.

      9. Use your analytics to learn what types of material, topics, words, and phrases resonate with your audience.  Dive deep into your insights and study what works for your ideal clients and readers.  Analytics are a feature of almost all social media platforms and Google.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

      10. Become a member of as many groups as you can manage to gain exposure. These could include Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest groups.  Another option is to participate in Twitter chats.  Thirdly, find Tailwind tribes to join.  Tailwind is a great scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.  Tribes are essentially groups of pinners who agree to pin each other’s content frequently.

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    I sincerely hope you found these expert tips for handling the new algorithms beneficial in planning a successful marketing strategy.  I know I did.  Please consider sharing this post, so fellow business owners can learn the facts and get the growth and prosperity they deserve.

    Life is better when we lift each other up.