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As I said before, I love podcasts businesswoman. I listen to all sorts too. Whether it’s a show dedicated to solving real crime mysteries or one intended to expand my knowledge on an exciting topic, I’m an avid listener. But my favorite shows are about creating and growing successful businesses. So, in my quest to add quality shows to my audio library, I thought I’d make a list of the most potent podcasts for you; the businesswoman over 40.

11 Podcasts Businesswoman Over 40

Need some inspiration to make your second act more professionally satisfying? Then listen to these podcasts! They’ll help you succeed in your encore career.

1. About That with Marga Ortigas:

This show is about professional and personal transitions at midlife and beyond. Guests discuss how they have successfully navigated life’s changes.

Favorite episode: Breaking Ground with a mental health professional, Darby Latshaw

2. Your Next Avenue with Richard Eisenberg:

This inspiring new podcast focuses on the work and careers of people fifty and over. The show is hosted by the Senior Web Editor of Next Avenue, one of my favorite media websites.

Favorite episode: Finding Meaningful Work with author Shawn Askinosie

3. AgeWYZ with Jana Panarites:

This weekly broadcast deals with the emotional topic of caregiving and provides resources to those struggling to balance work life and the duties of caring for an aging family member. It’s perfect for the businesswoman over 40 who is tending to the needs of elderly parents.

Favorite episode: The Legacy with caretaker Maggie McClane

4. The Second Act with Benita Adams:

This one isn’t actually a podcast. You can listen to Benita’s radio show or watch her on TV or catch episodes on YouTube. Either way, you’ll be entertained by her stories and interviews with reinvention experts. Check out Benita’s show in this video: What Would I Tell My Younger Self?

5. Feisty Side of Fifty with Mary Eileen Williams:

Mary dedicates her show to boomers and gen Xers who embrace positive change in all aspects of life and look forward to the years ahead. It’s a real ‘life is just the beginning’ type of podcast.

Favorite episode: Interview with Betsy Werley of Encore.org. This show is especially poignant for the businesswoman over 40.

6. Women in the Middle with Suzy Rosenstein:

The host, Suzy, is a Master Certified Life and Weight Coach who’s areas of expertise are midlife and transitions. Her podcast encourages “frustrated women to get excited about their lives again.”

Favorite Episode: Why You’re Miserable at Work and How to Change It

7. Second Act Stories with Andy Levine:

In each show, (offered every other week) inspiring people recount their experiences of making a significant career change in pursuit of a rewarding professional life.

Favorite episode: Ready for Some Expert Advice? with author Marci Aloboher

8. Forever Fierce with Catherine Grace O’Connell:

Each week, Catherine is joined by a co-host to confer about an extensive range of topics that midlife women find quite interesting. Forever Fierce can be heard live Tuesdays at 2 PM EST on LA Talk Radio or downloaded from iTunes or Stitcher.

Favorite episode: Interview with the woman who stood up to Tony Robbins on the #metoo issue: Nanine McCool

9. Experience 50 with Mary Rogers:

Mary is on the same mission as me, helping midlife women succeed in business. So, I naturally gravitated toward her show. If that’s the type of help you need, have a listen.

Favorite episode: Rebranding Midlife Women with Juju Hook

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10. Advice to My Younger Me with Sara Holtz:

I love the concept of this ‘pay it forward’ show. Older, wiser, more experienced guests discuss strategies to help younger women achieve career success. This podcast is all about the things you wish you had known as a professional in your 20s and 30s.

Favorite episode: How to Have a Good Day with Caroline Webb

11. Women Killing It with Sally Hubbard:

Sally is an investigative journalist who has created an inspirational broadcast that celebrates and features rockstar businesswomen. They share what has worked in their careers and what pitfalls to avoid to thrive in any job.

Favorite episode: How to be Confident with Regina Huber

I hope I piqued your interest with a few of these podcasts for the businesswoman over 40. Let them motivate you to reach for the stars in your quest for success. If you have any suggestions for new podcasts we should listen to, please leave a comment below. And, as I always say…

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