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9 Quality Pinterest Group Boards for Motivated Midlifers


Midlifers really like Pinterest.  In fact, according to Ignite Social Media, 53% of Pinterest users fall between thirty-five and fifty-four years of age.  What’s more, 80% of all users are women.  So, it’s safe to say female midlifers are big fans of this social media platform.

However, Pinterest isn’t exactly social.  As a user, you will find little opportunity for networking, friending, or chit-chatting in general.  Instead, think of Pinterest as a search engine like Google.  That being said, you can make comments on pins, follow specific people or businesses, and join group boards.  People typically join Pinterest group boards to promote their business products or blogs.  Additionally, you can participate in other types of group boards based on your hobbies and interests.

What Are Pinterest Group Boards

A group board is substantially the same as any other Pinterest board. The only difference is that many people (members) contribute pins to it rather than just one person.  It’s important to note that you can follow a board without becoming a member.

The creator of the board acts as an admin who can add new members or remove members who don’t follow the rules.  The creator is the first person pictured next to the group’s description.  The description explains what topics are covered and usually gives instructions on how to become a member.

How Can I Find Pinterest Group Boards?

Before I give you my list of group boards for midlifers, let me explain how to find other group boards that pique your interest.  There are a few methods of discovering relevant boards.

  • First, you can go to the Pinterest website and type in a word or phrase you want to search.  People and boards with names containing your searched word or phrase will appear.

  • Second, look at your competitors’ boards to see which group boards they belong to and contribute to frequently.

  • Third, check out your analytics if you have a Pinterest business account.  Look at ‘People You Reach,’ then ‘Interests,’ then ‘Your Followers.’

  • Fourth, search Pin Groupie to find groups and learn vital statistics about each one.  This is my favorite method.  You can search by category, word, phrase, or description.  And it’s free to use.  Woohoo!

Here is a short YouTube video to help you learn to use Pin Groupie:


My Favorite Pinterest Group Boards

Happiness at Midlife is the group to check out if you need a mood boost.  Inspirational quotes and topics like romance and mental health are frequently covered.

Skin Care for Women over 40 is a large group dedicated to providing tips, products, and articles to midlifers seeking health and beauty advice.  This active board offers an abundance of DIY recipes for self-care.

Boulevard of Midlife Bloggers is a collection of posts by women who are professional and hobby bloggers over the age of forty-five. The group allows up to two pins submitted each day per member.

Mid Life Stride allows members to pin up to two items a day and asks, like most groups, for reciprocation.  Topics like goals, fashion, health, and empty nest are preferred.

Forty Plus Bloggers Supporting Each Other permits up to three pins per day to be submitted by members. Pins must be of articles and not items or services for sale.  To become a member, you must be a writer who is forty plus and willing to share other members’ content.

Midlife Ladies is brought to you by Kimberly at Fifty Jewels.  This group is comprised of about fifty women who contribute all types of content.  That is, as long as they are of interest to women who follow the group.

Food and Recipes for Over 50s is, of course, a group for pinners focused on preparing and eating food designed to appeal to the fifty plus crowd. Consider joining if you have recipes to contribute or you just need to prepare a tasty meal for dinner.

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Midlife Inspiration is comprised of a small yet mighty group of women focused on embracing and enjoying life after forty.  Pins on this board offer tips on everything from health to love to career.

Vintage Hippies 50+ is Pinterest’s virtual time machine.  Travel back to the sixties and seventies if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.  Pins are meant to promote vintage hippie culture and lifestyle.

Well, there’s my list of quality Pinterest boards for motivated midlifers.  What do you think of my choices?  Did I leave out your favorite?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Remember, life is better when we lift each other up.

9 Quality Pinterest Group Boards for Motivated Midlifers offers a great list of Pinterest group boards for women over 40.  Learn about these groups and how to join Pinterest groups.

16 thoughts on “9 Quality Pinterest Group Boards for Motivated Midlifers

  1. Hi Jen – thanks so much for including my group board for 40 plus bloggers. I love running the board and seeing all the eclectic stuff that people post about and pin. BTW you don’t have to be female to participate, though I think most of our current contributors are. You just have to be over 40 and a blogger.

    Looking forward to checking out the other blogs you linked to!

    1. Hi, Joanne. I am so happy to hear you love running the board. I’m happy to include your great group. Thanks for your input.

  2. Great list Jennifer. I also offer a couple of community boards. The Blogging 911 Commnunity board is the biggest.

    1. Hey, Rena. I’ll have to join your group boards. I love group boards. They have helped my traffic numbers enormously. Thank you!

  3. Great suggestions for boards. I’m a member of several but have to remember to use them. I get a substantial amount of traffic from Pinterest.

    1. Hi, Rebecca. I get most of my traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. Group boards really do help. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is a very helpful list. I was wondering how to find more group boards and how to assess for quality. Thanks for compiling these!

    1. Hey, Melissa. I am happy to know the post was helpful to you. Pin Groupie is really the best resource to find relevant group boards. Thanks for stopping by. Please do it again soon!

  5. I feel like I just stumbled upon gold with this article. Thank you for the tips, tricks and strategies for Pinterest. Although I’m over your targeted age group, I still like browsing occasionally and always pin my latest articles for those women over 50 looking for a lifestyle change.

    1. Hi, Carla. If you go to Pin Groupie and search ‘boomer’ you will likely find some more groups to join. Thank you for your feedback. I always appreciate it!

  6. This is great, I saved the post to follow from my laptop. I am 46, so I’m excited to follow other bloggers in my age range. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Greetings, Dena. Thanks for saving the post. Our age group is teaming with groups if you know where to look. Good luck and come back soon!

  7. Thanks for a great article Jen! I’m still pretty new to Pinterest, so this is helpful. How do you actually join these groups though?

    1. Hey, Cat. Some group admins don’t want to add more members or don’t realize they are making it tough to join. It usually mentions in the group description what the process to join will be. If it doesn’t, follow the group admin’s Pinterest account and the group board itself. Then, send a message via Pinterest and ask to join. Make sure you include your Pinterest handle so they can add you. You can also find the admin’s website and email them a request. Good luck!

  8. Don’t know how I stumbled across this article, but just what I’m looking for. Starting to get more serious about using Pinterest for my business and just learning the ropes.
    This post was so helpful – I’ve actually never looked for boards to join before.

    1. Hi, Bo. Group boards are a great way to follow your interests and promote your business. I’m pleased you found the article helpful. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Come back again soon!

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