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Are you overwhelmed and routinely pulled under by day-to-day tasks? Perhaps you are drowning in a sea of expenses too. However, you have come to right place. Most of us can surely identify with these struggles. Let me throw you a life preserver of sorts by revealing a few of the tools I’ve found to reduce chaos and keep my budget afloat. Stop feeling overworked and underpaid. Here are nine free apps to the rescue:

Hey, Money Bags – Earning & Saving

  1. Wagespot – Salary Searcher, Wage Calculator, Job Finder

Maybe it’s time to cast a broad net and bring home a bigger catch. This real-time app allows users to anonymously or publicly share their salary and compensation package for their current position. The data provided will empower you to negotiate a fair wage or ask for a raise. No more wondering what you’re worth or if you’re undervalued as an employee. The newest feature offers lists of job openings to browse and analyze.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

2. Money Lover – Money Manager, Bill Reminder, Budget App

You won’t go belly up if you utilize this expense tracker to manage your finances. Easily customize spending categories and generate reports to get the big picture. The bill reminder feature will keep your payments up to date and on time. Upgrade to Money Lover Plus for $4.99 to obtain access to premium options. Control your money. Don’t let it control you.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

3. RetailMeNot – Coupons, Discounts, Deals

After you have organized or created a budget, you’ll want to cut expenses where possible. Whenever i head out to shopping i use this app. It has saved me hundreds of dollars. Offers and deals are available from over 50,000 retailers and food chains. No more clipping or forgetting coupons or digging through your purse to find them. It’s super easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

Business As Usual – Productivity

Business reminder apps
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4. Wunderlist: To-Do Lists, Reminders, Errands

Do you have a sinking feeling you forget something? This amazing app will ease your mind as you create a shareable list or organize your work projects. Set reminders, assign tasks, or delegate household chores to family members. You can access Wunderlist from anywhere, as the app syncs between your computer, tablet, and phone.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows

5. Forest App – Improve Focus, Avoid Distraction, Increase Productivity

This nifty little program puts me back on course and allows me to work uninterrupted for twenty-five minute periods. I set a timer, and the app plants a virtual seed. If I manage to work on my assignment for the entire time, it will grow into a tree. If I leave my task, the tree will wither and die. The goal is to create a larger forest each week. It may sound silly, but it works. The phone app is $1.99, but I use the browser extension on my laptop for free.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Firefox

6. Waze: GPS Navigation, Maps, Traffic Alerts

When I forget to open this tool during my commute, I usually regret it by waiting impatiently in a sea of cars. Waze is a real-time traffic app that provides the best routes with community-edited maps. You can avoid construction, speed traps, accidents, red-light cameras, and other obstacles as you journey around town. As a Waze driver, you’ll save money on gas by navigating to the cheapest pumps reported on your route.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android

The Daily Grind – Errands & Honey-Dos

7. Big Oven: Recipes, Grocery Lists, Menus

Have you heared the theme song from Jaws when your family members start to circle the kitchen and ask, “What’s for dinner?” This fantastic app is packed with over 350,000 recipes from which to choose. Save your favorites, make grocery lists, and create meal planners too. The paid version allows you to follow friends and your favorite food bloggers as well.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, web

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8. Daily Workouts: Exercise Routines, Instructional Videos

Daily Workouts are stuffed to the gills with full-body and targeted exercise routines. Instructional videos guide you through unfamiliar moves as you tone, tighten, and break a sweat. Now you have the convenience of your trainer wherever you go. The upgraded version offers a greater variety of exercises and is ad-free.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows

9. TaskRabbit: Chores, Cleaning, Home Repair

You probably have a tsunami-sized lineup of improvements, repairs, and household duties to be done. If you can spare the money, use TaskRabbit to lighten the load. Hire a pre-screened Tasker to walk your dog, mount a TV, deliver a package, or anything else you desire. There’s no need for cash because you pay through the app when the assignment is complete.

Compatible with: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, web

What your thoughts about my list of tools to rescue the overworked and underpaid? I know you have a few helping to keep your chin above water. Don’t keep those programs a secret. Please share them with other as well.

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