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Help! A Troll Stole My Content; And How to Stop it


Nothing is more infuriating or frustrating to an online entrepreneur than a content thief.  The idea that some lazy, immoral @#$*% has the audacity to copy your products, images or articles is enough to make steam blast from your ears. Where’s the sense of common decency and fair play?

If you’re lucky enough to have avoided yelling, “a troll stole my content,” you may know someone who has.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep it from happening or put a halt to it if it has already occurred.

First Things First

    • Set up a copyright statement or page on your business website.  You can find a free template here.  Also, numerous sites sell customized copyright pages. Obviously, you don’t need more busy work, but it does protect your product to some extent.  Although, if someone is determined to copy your work, they will.

    • Create Google Alerts for each post or page on your site using a unique sentence within each.  Perhaps you already utilize these alerts to monitor mentions of your company or brand on social media.  Consider this another use of this free service.  Remember to place quotations at both ends of your sentence.  Expect to be notified if that specific wording is used elsewhere on the web.  While it doesn’t stop theft, it keeps you in the know.

    • Check for those plagiarizing your content with Copyscape or Unicheck.  These sites will help you monitor your previously published content.  They each offer some free limited services and paid premium programs.  Be aware it could take a while to process all your posts or if you have been in business or blogging for more than a few months.  Consider starting with your pillar content.  You obviously want credit and Google rankings for your most popular material first.

    • Install content theft plugins on your website.  Some keep trolls from stealing text while others prohibit image copying.  Wordpress offers the plugin Disable Right Click.  However, there are many others available on the market from which to choose.

    • Watermark your images.  Purchase software that protects your digital photos or place your name and website at the bottom of each picture.  Although, it is fairly easy to crop or edit the words out of most images.  Again, nothing will keep a persistent criminal from taking your intellectual property, but it’s a deterrent.


    After You Have Discovered a Content Stealing Troll

    • First, take a screenshot of the page where your stolen work appears.  You can also go to the internet archive WayBackMachine to confirm you published this work first if necessary.  This site will provide proof someone stole your material even if they have since removed it from the web.

    • Email the offending site’s owner and demand your property be taken down within forty-eight hours.  If you cannot find an address, go to the WhoIs database, type in the site’s domain name, and you may locate the contact information.  Please know that your request may be ignored.  If your words or images remain on the site two days later, it is time to move on to the next step.

    • Contact the thief’s hosting provider via WhoIsHostingThis.  Hosts are supposed to respond to complaints within a reasonable amount of time.  They can ultimately take down an entire website if they deem it appropriate.  Think of how satisfying it will be to know your actions took down a site that copies the hard work of others.  Keep in mind this may not work quickly, so I would move on to the next step because it is a doozy.

    • The primary reason for prolific content theft is monetary gain, right?  People unlawfully take your articles or images, republish them, and place advertisements on the page for profit.  However, using stolen content is a violation of just about every business contract on planet Earth.

      Contact advertising programs like Adsense, ShareASale, or CJ Affiliate and file a complaint.  The offender will likely be banned and lose the incentive to steal from you or anyone else.  Also, consider contacting the companies within ads themselves.  However, I would consider that a hail Mary type of move.  In other words, they will likely ignore you.

    • File a DMCA complaint with Google.  The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a 1998 United States law meant to protect original works from plagiarism and other acts.  If you need further explanation or assistance, consult an attorney, as I am not one.

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    • Take legal action after you have exhausted all other alternatives.  Perform a Google search for DMCA lawyer and include the name of your city or town.  I would consider this the nuclear option if a troll copied my content.  Many people who feel wronged or victimized say, “I’ll sue!”  Sadly, it takes one lengthy lawsuit to bankrupt most companies.  That goes for both plaintiff and defendant.  Just food for thought.

      While the process of stopping a content thief may seem daunting, it is relatively straight forward when you know what steps to take.  Hopefully, you are not in the situation to need them.  If you are in that unenviable position, fear not, take action, and block that troll!

      Do you know any other strategies that protect content and images from theft? If so, share them in the comment section below.

      Life is better when we lift each other up.

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Chrometophobia; How the Fear of Spending is Hurting Your Business


Starting a business is not for the faint of heart.  The reality of inconsistent sales and paychecks should scare the hell out of anyone with a brain.  Yet, according to the most recent U.S. Census data, over 450,000 Americans dive headlong into the dark, unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship annually.  About half of them sink within four years.  Why?  It is almost always due to a lack of planning or funding or both.  A thorough business plan will adequately address the former, but the latter is not as easily overcome.

Financing a successful startup consists not only of your access to money but your psychological relationship with it.  Do you hoard cash or spend it too freely?  Are you willing to or capable of investing extra capital when it is needed?  Do you suffer from a slight case of chrometophobia; the fear of spending or managing money?  If so, it could cause your endeavor to go under or keep it treading water.  You could be setting yourself up to fail by:

  • Limiting your exposure on social media channels without an advertising budget

  • Not spending money on the development of new products or services to sell

  • Not learning or improving skills through courses or coaching

  • Appearing unprofessional with low-end branding, photos or website

  • Not investing in software and programs to eliminate unnecessary tasks

Let’s face it.  Our financial situations cause many of us a substantial amount of stress and anxiety each month.  The pressures that come with handling money affect our personal and business decisions every day.  Saying you can’t afford ‘x’ for your business while planning a vacation or trekking to Starbucks every day is nonsensical.  Yet, we can all make strange choices like these and then have the audacity to justify them.  Are you guilty of this?  I know I am from time to time.


Making a mental shift is scary and often necessary to grow your startup and prosper.  But what if you’re not in a position that will allow you to change your financial strategy immediately?  If you can’t actually afford to increase the support of your fledgling business, then maybe it needs to become or remain a side hustle.  There is no shame in that.  That is a decision only you can make after a bit of soul-searching.

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However, if you want to succeed and prosper, you’ll need to find a way to overcome your chrometophobia and make some room in your budget for your dream, your baby, your business.  Is it time to make some fiscal changes and a commitment to yourself?

Personally, I need to increase my advertising budget. I have understood this fact for a while but have resisted the change until now.  The decision means something in my private spending will have to be cut.  So be it.  My business is worth the sacrifice and I am ready to flourish.

What are you willing to give up in your personal life to succeed professionally?  Tell me about it in the comment section.  If you know a business owner who is struggling with this issue, please share this post with them on social media.  Life is better when we lift each other up.

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Likes


This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

I wish there were easy answers in business.  It would be lovely if we could figure out the perfect formula or crack the code or get the recipe to the ‘secret sauce’ of entrepreneurship.  It would make life a lot easier and save a tremendous amount of time.  We all want shortcuts and we want them now.  As a matter of fact, where is that $50,000 per month paycheck and half a million Facebook followers I was promised by every online marketing guru on the internet?  After all, I have been blogging for seven months now.  Shouldn’t I be a millionaire already?

Unrealistic expectations and algorithm changes are stressing most of us to the point we will spend ridiculous sums of money on courses or gimmicks to reach unattainable social media goals.  The truth is, you should not compare yourself to people who started their Facebook business pages several years ago.  The landscape was different.  You now have to work twice as hard to get half the fans.  I admit I’ve been frustrated too.   So much so, that I doggedly investigated a few new tactics of my own that I would like to share with you.  Let’s go over these 5 inexpensive ways to boost your Facebook page likes.

1. Share Popular Videos or Produce Your Own

I know this is not news, but it bears repeating.  FB loves it when you produce your own live video or share someone else’s.  You will probably increase engagement, reach, and Facebook pages likes implementing this strategy.  It can be intimidating and time-consuming to put yourself on camera, so if you feel overly nervous, simply post interesting or humorous videos from popular FB accounts.  Make sure you only promote content that will resonate with your audience.  I recently shared this inspiring video with my niche audience of women over forty.  It resulted in a nice boost for my account with little effort from me.

2. Create Quotes Posts

I noticed a significant jump in my likes and engagement when I started using quote posts on all my social media platforms.  I create them in Canva and use their ‘magic resize’ tool to change the dimensions to fit the image requirements for each social media platform.  As a result, I am able to share the same quote post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.  Canva can also be used to create infographics and memes.

I upload these posts to my scheduling tools Tailwind (for Pinterest and Instagram) and MeetEdgar (for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to maximize my reach.   When existing fans share my quotes, I get the page exposure I need to gain coveted Facebook page likes and followers on my other social media accounts.

3. Install a Facebook Page Plugin

If you have a WordPress website, you can choose from several different plugins that will embed your Facebook page within your sidebar.  Some plugins are free while others are not.  All are relatively inexpensive options though. The Page Plugin is readily available and easy to install.  This short video will guide you through the process.

4. Do Interviews With Podcasters

Being a guest on a podcast might prove less stressful than producing a Facebook Live or YouTube video because you won’t need to appear on camera or create a script.  When the episode is released, you’ll likely get a link to your site or your FB page and often both.  I have been interviewed by several podcasters and find the process gets easier each time.  The host is usually more than happy to mention your FB page at the end of the interview.

Don’t wait for an invitation from a podcaster.  Be proactive here.  Find your niche on iTunes charts and start researching.  If you are a beginner, you’ll need to start with newer podcasters who are more likely to interview someone with less experience as a guest.  I recently signed up for weekly emails from PodcastGuests.  This company matches potential guests with hosts who need interviews.  The best part, it is a free service for guests.  I’ve already completed one interview and have another scheduled next week.

5. Ask for Facebook Page Likes at the End of Emails

If you haven’t already created your business email list, you should.  After I signed up with ConvertKit, my list took off.  Getting your new products, services or blog posts in front of your clients and readers is imperative to the growth of your site and Facebook page.

After someone signs up for your weekly emails or newsletter, your welcome email should end with a call to action asking them to follow you on Facebook.  Do not request likes on all your social media channels.  Pick one and go with it.  If you want to see how I’ve done this, you’ll have to sign up to receive my weekly post!  I am so subtle, right?

If you want 10 additional FB tips from the experts, click here.

I hope you found a few cost-effective strategies to boost your Facebook page likes.  What tactics do you use to grow your followers?  Let me know in the comment section below.  As always, if you found value in my post, please share it with other business owners and bloggers.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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700+ Best Hashtags for Businesswomen and Bloggers


As a business owner, I find streamlining my social media tasks an absolute necessity.  Otherwise, I get overwhelmed with the minutia and spend half my day wading through posts and tweets.  Not a productive or efficient use of my time. However, knowing what information to include in a tweet or a post can be tough. It all depends on your industry, niche, and which social media platform you are using.

When you are working with Twitter or Instagram, you should be including the best hashtags to extend your reach and increase engagement.  I recently wrote about how to utilize hashtag websites to your advantage.  If you are unfamiliar with these tools, go to my post here.

RiteTag is a site that ranks hashtags.  When you type in a tag, it is given a color designation.

GreenUse this # to get seen now.

Blue: Use this # to get seen over time.

Gray: Do not use this # because of low traffic.  

Red: Do not use this # because it is overused.

RiteTag is a great resource, but it still takes time to go through and determine which tags are usable and a correct fit for you.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the trouble.  I have sorted and selected the 700+ best hashtags for businesswomen and bloggers.


Hashtags for Business

Online Shops: #sale, #savealot, #jewelry, #crafts, #handmade, #Etsy, #smallbusiness, #business, #smallbiz, #women, #giveaway, #artist, #Etsyrt, #diy, #deals, #save, #gift, #gifts, #art, #drawing, #bag, #top, #giftideas, #buyitnow, #artwork, #dress, #bags, #handbag, #handbags, #epiconEtsy, #purses

Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers: #quote, #quotes, #startup, #ecommerce, #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, #contentmarketing, #digitalmarketing, #marketing, #makemoney, #makemoneyonline, #online, #onlinemarketing, #onlinebusiness, #smalbusiness, #business, #smallbiz, #entrepreneurship, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurs, #opportunity, #success, #thankyou, #truth, #inspiration, #motivation, #goals, #workfromhome, #money, #buyitnow, #startuplife, #startupgrind, #passiveincome, #residualincome, #financialfreedom, #makemoneyfromhome, #wahm, #sahm, #timemanagement, #networkmarketing, #mompreneur, #productivity, #mumsinbiz, #homebusiness

Virtual Assistants: #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, #smm, #business, #smallbusiness, #success, #analytics, #instagram, #repost, #digitalmarketing, #branding, #trending, #workfromhome, #facebook, #traffic, #tech, #web, #website, #seo, #google, #women #virtualassistant, #vatip, #va, #outsource, #linkedin, #gmail, #socialmarketing, #sahm, #wahm, #mompreneur, #homebusiness, #pinterest, #promote, #solopreneur, #wahm, #sahm, #womeninbiz

Business Coaches: #quote, #quotes, #business, #smallbusiness, #smallbiz, #startup, #motivation, #inspiration, #thankyou, #success, #opportunity, #truth, #money, #makemoney, #makemoneyonline, #workfromhome, #women, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurs, #entrepreneurship, #work, #sales, #relaunch, #startuplife, #startupgrind, #passiveincome, #residualincome, #financialfreedom, #wahm, #sahm, #solopreneur, #mompreneur, #womeninbiz, #homebusiness, #biz, #bizcoach, #lifecoach, #timemanagement, #productivity, #income, #sales, #stress, #frustrated, #happiness, #transformation

Podcasters: #podcast, #radio, #tv, #listenlive, #tunein, #tips, #business, #socialmedia, #giveaway, #itunes, #soundcloud, #women, #blogging, #listen, #onair, #smallbiz, #business, #success, #truth, #inspiration, #motivation, #money, #trypod, #podcasting, #stitcher, #googleplay, #interview, #info, #chat, #fan, #sponsor, #show, #passiveincome, #residualincome, #financialfreedom, #homebusiness, #timemanagement, #productivity

Hashtags for Bloggers and Writers

Freelance Writers: #blogger, #writing, #amwriting, #author, #asmsg (authors social media support group), #freelance, #indie, #books, #content, #contentmarketing, #kindle, #kindleunlimited, #mystery, #romance, #fantasy, #free, #quote, #quotes, #ebook, #thriller, #scifi, #competition, #repost, #audiobook, #nonfiction, #fiction, #editor, #bloggingtips, #goodreads, #bestbooks, #writerslife, #amediting, #creativity, #indieauthor, #newrelease

Food and Recipe Bloggers: #blogger, #recipe, #recipes, #delicious, #food, #foodie, #foodporn, #cook, #cooking, #vegan, #diet, #health, #breakfast, #coffee, #wine, #winelover, #muffin, #brunch, #recipeblog, #nutrition, #yum, #yumyum, #yummy, #lunch, #chicken, #chocolate, #cake, #cupcake, #cupcakes, #baking, #cookies, #cheese, #burger, #pizza, #salad, #dessert, #fondant, #dinner, #protien, #cabbage, #flatbread, #quick, #instafood, #crockpot, #smoothie, #raw, #gluten, #glutenfree, #paleo, #soup, #eat, #sidedish, #allergyfriendly

Travel Bloggers: #blogger, #travel, #travelguide, #nature, #photography, #photo, #adventure, #sunset, #love, #food, #world, #ttot (Twitter talk on travel), #tips, #guide, #people, #vacation, #hotel, #beach, #holiday, #life, #summer, #spring, #france, #weather, #usa, #shopping, #mexico, #japan, #canada, #europe,  #paradise, #trip, #visit, #travellers, #traveling, #travelworld, #traveltime, #hoteldeals, #flight, #flights, #wanderlust, #winter, #fall, #season, #sightseeing, #asia

Mommy and Parenting Bloggers: #blogger, #family, #mom, #mompreneur, #momlife, #parenting, #kids, #baby, #teens, #children, #toys, #music, #games, #work, #free, #giveaway, #discount,  #workfromhome, #gift, #gifts, #birthday, #girls, #coupon, #coupons, #parent, #toddlers, #boys, #teenagers, #babyfood, #motherhood, #dadlife, #play, #mumlife, #babies, #playdoh, #pics, #cartoon, #kidscrafts, #crafts, #safespace, #sahm, #mummybloggers, #wahm, #kidsfashion, #kidswear, #babyclothes, #productivity, #timemanagement

Fitness and Health Bloggers: #blogger, #fitness, #fit, #yoga, #gym, #health, #diet, #vegan, #food, #workout, #running, #tips, #video, #training, #runtastic, #tennis, #protein, #raw, #keto, #glutes, #smoothie, #paleo, #meditation, #exercise, #nutrition, #gluten, #glutenfree, #itworks, #healthyfat, #cleaneating, #healthyeating, #healthyfood, #body, #cardio, #weight, #plan, #workoutplan, #abs, #bodybuilding, #carbs, #aerobic, #pushups, #strength, #lunges, #squats

Money and Finance Bloggers: #blogger, #tips, #money, #makemoney, #savealot, #save, #deals, #coupon, #coupons, #offers, #free, #giveaway, #discount, #makemoneyonline, #job, #jobs, #career, #hiring, #internet, #auto, #insurance, #food, #giftcards, #personalfinance, #earnmoney, #expertise, #discounts, #college, #grants, #scholarships, #funds, #freebies, #freesamples, #tax, #taxes, #bills, #income, #salary, #utilities, #cellphone, #solar, #frugalliving

Beauty and Fashion Bloggers: #blogger, #shopping, #shop, #makeup, #cosmetics, #fashion, #style, #beauty, #bag, #bags, #gift, #gifts, #vintage, #sexy, #skincare, #hair, #sale, #giveaway, #shoes, #bikini, #fashionblogger, #hats, #onsale, #dresses, #trends, #eyecream, #antiaging, #darkcircles, #offer, #nails, #nailart, #ooolala, #dealoftheday, #handbag, #handbags, #pursus, #blouse, #cashmere, #pants, #heels, #stockings, #swimsuit, #swimsuits, #tops, #casualwear

Midlife and Boomer Bloggers: #healthcare, #skincare, #travel, #kids, #children, #fitness, #tips, #happy, #food, #peace, #career, #family, #news, #midlife, #babyboomer, seniors, #over50, #savings, #givingback, #freetime,#wellness, #mindfulness, #nutrition, #exercise, #grandkids

Craft and DIY Bloggers: #blogger, #handmade, #gift, #gifts, #art, #artist, #crafts, #jewelry, #diy, #vintage, #home, #homedecor, #design, #designer, #decoration, #holiday, #momlife, #workfromhome, #women,#fashion, #education, #inspiration, #cards, #etsyrt, #epiconetsy, #giftideas, #babyshower, #birthday, #quilt, #kidscraft, #crafting, #renovation, #renovation, #kidsart, #easter, #mothersday, #creativity, #free, #onlineshopping, #wahm, #sahm, #mompreneur

Website, Tech, and WordPress Bloggers: #blogger, #wordpress, #website, #seo, #marketing, google, #web, #app, #apps, #video, #traffic, #download, #webdesign, #design, #socialmedia, #data, #software, #tech, #internet, #howto, #ai, #freelance, #brand, #job, #theme, #themes, #wordpresstheme, #plugin, #plugins, #com, #site, #hosting, #wordpresscom, #click, #photos, #page, #images, #webdev, #developer, #webdevelopment, #webtraffic, #adwords, #client, #wp, #css, #appthemes, #html, #linkbuilding, #backlinks, #seotips, #workathome, #php, #javascript


Hashtags for Specific Days of the Week

Monday: #sale, #selfie, #Mondaymotivation, #motivationMonday, #mindfulMonday, #Mondayfunday

Tuesday: #sale, #selfie, #Tuesday, #Tuesdaymotivation, #topicTuesday, #Tuesdaytreat

Wednesday: #sale, #selfie, #Wednesday, #Wednesdaywisdom, #winitWednesday, #womancrushWednesday 

Thursday: #sale, #selfie, #Thursday, #Thursdaythoughts, #tbt (throw back Thursday), #Thursdaymotivation 

Friday: #sale, #selfie, #Friday, #happyFriday, #Fridayfeeling, #tgif (thank goodness it’s Friday), #FriYay, #Fridaymotivation, #Fridayreads, #Fridayfunday, #fbf (flash back Friday) 

Saturday: #sale, #selfie, #weekend, #Saturday, #Saturdayshenanigans 

Sunday: #sale, #selfie, #weekend, #Sunday, #Sundaybest, #spotlightSunday, #Sundayfunday 

Please keep in mind that the color designation for each tag could change over time.  It would be wise to recheck them every once in a while for viability.

Using the best hashtags effectively is imperative to your social media marketing strategy.  Antionette Blake, The Delaware Blogger, uses them like hot sauce. “I love hashtags.  I put those **** on everything.”

I hope you discovered dozens of tags to boost your reach and engagement.  If you found this post helpful, please share it with other businesswomen and bloggers.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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How to Use Hashtracking and Other Hashtag Lookup Tools


I no longer look at the # symbol and say, “that’s the pound sign.”  I suppose the repetitiveness of social media has beaten that response out of me.  It did take several months to make that mental shift, though.  I remember a few years back when I didn’t understand what a hashtag was or why a company would need to use one.  Times have certainly changed for business owners.

It’s not enough to start and maintain accounts on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the rest.  Your complete understanding of each platform is vital to your success.  You probably already know that users of Twitter and Instagram often include hashtags in their posts to gain more exposure for their products and services.  Some businesses are better at this tactic than others.  But, how do the successful people do it?  They know how to use Hashtracking and other hashtag lookup tools to boost their social media traffic.


I have to say; I recommend this tool for medium to large businesses or blogs because it’s a pricey subscription product meant to help you with both Instagram and Twitter.  However, you can get a free trial.  Hashtracking gives you a wealth of information about your own branded, unique hashtag or any generic one.  Discover peak use times, engagement, participation, sources, comments, likes, reach, and more.  The analytics are extremely impressive.


Tailwind has recently introduced a hashtag finder for Instagram.  Up until now, there have not been many Instagram hashtag tools on the market that are affordable and helpful.  This tool suggests the best hashtags for your posts as you type your Instagram captions.  You can include up to thirty tags per post, so Tailwind allows you to save groups of them in their Hashtag Lists feature. You can then access and use that group on any future post you want.  Tailwind claims that users grow their Instagram likes five times faster than non-users.



The free version of Hashtagify provides you with their Compact Hashtags Encyclopedia (Twitter only) including ten related hashtags, six top influencers for your chosen tag and some introductory course material on hashtags.  The upgraded package gives you more information and courses plus access to their Hashtags Lab for Instagram.  I utilize the free program to find the popularity of a tag and then to discover the top ten related hashtags.


TagDef is the most straightforward resource for hashtags I’ve seen.  When you don’t know the meaning of a particular tag, just type it in and ta-dah!  You will have an instant definition.  For example, #oomf means ‘one of my friends’ or ‘one of my followers.’  Pssst, you could use this helpful site to decipher your kid’s texts or tweets.  It’s a thought.


RiteTag is probably my favorite free Twitter tool.  Although, Hashtagify is a close second.  The site tells you if you should use a hashtag or not.  Type in your query and the program will categorize it as either green (use this # to get seen now) or blue (use this # to get seen over time) or gray (do not use this # because of low traffic) or red (do not use this # because it’s overused).  You will also be given related tags when you search by topic.  I wrote a list post of 700+ hashtags for businesswomen and bloggers.  Click here to check it out.

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I have heard a few experts say that you’re not supposed to use more than two or three tags per tweet, or the rate of retweets and interaction goes down.  Additionally, you should no longer put “please rt” or “please share” in any posts on most platforms.  I don’t know if that applies to the hashtags #rt or #share.  Use those at your own risk.  You may be pushed down the feed or ‘shadowbanned’ or voted off the island or whatever it’s called today.

Now that you know how to use Hashtracking and other hashtag lookup tools, you will be able to increase your social media engagement.  These resources will also cut down on the amount of time you spend on your Twitter and Instagram marketing.

If you found this post helpful, please share it so other business owners and bloggers can benefit.  Do you have any suggestions for effective social media tools?  Don’t keep them secret.  Let us know in the comment section.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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The Best Tailwind Tribes to Join for Successful Women in Business

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Perhaps you’ve heard a great deal about Tailwind tribes lately.  You’re curious but cautious.  After all, you’d rather light your hair on fire than devote one more minute to another social media or networking group.  I feel you.  I’ve been there.  Before you run screaming for the hills, let me explain what they are and how they help women in business save time and maximize their reach on Pinterest.   Then I’ll recommend the best Tailwind tribes to join for your niche or blog.

First off, Tailwind is a nifty scheduling tool for both Pinterest and Instagram.  The program allows you to schedule the same pin to your own boards, group boards, and tribes.  You can access analytics for your social media accounts and discover shareable content as well.  Their newest feature is a hashtag finder for Instagram.

Tailwind tribes are themed groups of online marketers or bloggers who contribute their pins.  The purpose is, of course, to share each other's content.  I schedule a week's worth of pins (about 120 for me) in under thirty minutes because it's easy and convenient to choose all I want from my fellow tribe members. They, in turn, share my posts.  Who doesn't like a win-win?

I joined 19 tribes within my niche about two weeks ago.  I submitted 7-10 posts to each one over the last 14 days.  Since then I have received 159 re-shares or repins and, according to Tailwind, increased my reach on those pins to 1,062,800.  Whaaaat?  I, of course, had to check my Pinterest analytics too.  The average daily saves from my profile went up by 21.58%.  And the daily views the pins from website got jumped an incredible 141.51%.  Happy dance!

For the time being, tribes are not searchable.  So, it remains difficult to find appropriate Tailwind tribes to join.  Although, I have heard through the grapevine that a search feature will be added in the near future.  In the meantime, I've gathered together this list for you to consider.


1. Business, Money, and Finance

Internet Marketing Super Friends - entrepreneur, email marketing, make money online, content marketing

Small Business - running a small business, social media tips, your products, other people's products

Money Matters - budgeting, frugal living, debt free, saving money


2. Home, Design, DIY, and Crafts

Home Design and DIY - interior decorating, furniture, home decor, home makeovers

All Things Craftydesign, DIY, crafts

Crafts, Recipes, DIY - recipes, do-it-yourself, projects

3. Travel

Budget Travel - frugal and money saving travel

Family Travel - articles and posts about family travel

Travel Pinspiration - tips, destinations, inspiring travel


4. Recipes and Cooking

Everything Cake! - baking, decorating, products, cake

Good and Healthy Food Board - paleo, low carb, wheat belly

Paleo and Gluten Free Lifestyle - recipes for gluten free and paleo


5. Parenting, Mommy, and Education

Parenting and Pregnancy - babies, kids, and mommies

Educational Printable Makers - school, education, and printables

Kid Pins Going Viralparenting, babies, children, family


Click here for a free month of Tailwind.

6. Blogging and Bloggers

Bloggers Chalkboard - social media tips, monetization, email list building, blogging advice and strategies

Blogging Friends Pins - bloggers promoting each other's pins on all topics

Mom Blogs - kids, family, work at home, budget, finance, everything mom

Faith Blogger Pins - religion, faith

Virtual Assistant & Blogging Tips - make money from home, virtual assistant tips, blogging strategies


7. General and Miscellaneous

Photography Tips - advice, tips, and Photoshop

Everything Yoga - fitness, yoga, retreats, studios, equipment

Positive People - improving your lifestyle, good habits, kindness

The Millenial Life - all things young adult

Style Tribe: Fashion & Beauty - clothes, shoes, makeup, beauty


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I truly hope you see the benefit in finding Tailwind tribes to join.  This tool saves you time and maximizes your reach so you can become one of the most successful women in business.  If you found value in this list, please share it with others.  You can also fill me in on other great tribes to join in the comment section below.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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8 Essential Social Media Podcasts for Women Who Love Business

While researching podcasts that would help women improve their social media skills, I came across dozens of lists celebrating and describing popular shows. “Great,” I said to myself.  “This ought to be a straightforward article to produce and share.”  There was one glaring problem, however, that other writers hadn’t notice or cared about enough to address.  One hundred percent of the shows mentioned were hosted by men.  All of them.  Stunning, I know.  Well, to be fair, two of them were hosted by women, but both had retired.  It’s enough to make a lady rub her temples and stare at her computer in disbelief.  I know I did.

I couldn’t accept there weren’t any shows produced by females worth promoting.  I was already aware of three programs that fit the bill because I listen to them regularly.  It was a compelling challenge to dig deeper and uncover additional gems.  Isn’t it time we had our own list of social media shows anyway?  Let’s support these hard-working women and learn a few strategies and tips along the way.  Give a listen to these 8 essential social media podcasts for women who love business.

1. Simple Pin Podcast with Kate Ahl

If you need actionable Pinterest marketing ideas, then this is the show for you.  Kate interviews people who are successfully driving traffic to their sites and increasing revenue in the process.  Her no-nonsense tips will help you find clarity in a world of Pinterest myths.


Favorite Episode: The Most Common Pinterest for Business Mistakes

2. Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson

Chalene is a marketing powerhouse, business expert, and fitness guru.  She has a Facebook following of over one million people (WOW) and a top rated podcast covering topics from social media to nutrition and weight loss.  Get ready for a motivational kick in the rear.

Favorite Episode: How Much Should You Share in Social Media 

3. Social Zoom Factor with Pam Moor

Pam will teach you how to integrate technology, social media, branding, and digital marketing.  Her informative show is brought to you five days a week.  You’ll never get tired of her upbeat, practical advice.

Favorite Episode: Defining Social Media Success

4. Search Engine Nerds with Kelsey Jones, Caitlin Rulien

This bi-weekly show is brought to you by Search Engine Journal.  Guests talk about content marketing, social media, SEO, and entrepreneurship.  As you know, these topics are critical to the growth of any online business.

Favorite Episode: How to Really Stand Out on Instagram 

5. Twitter Smarter with Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn regularly interviews top social media influencers and asks them to discuss their top Twitter tips and give advice to her audience.  She delivers the best and latest resources to improve your presence and get noticed.

Favorite Episode: Twitter Strategies to Amplify Social Selling

6. Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Amy Porterfield

Amy is an extraordinarily upbeat and successful online marketer and podcast host.  Each episode gives you the information to build a stronger social media strategy and make more money.  This is one I listen to frequently.


Favorite Episode: 3 Types of Facebook Groups: How to Use Them to Strengthen Your Impact, Leadership, and Profits


If you are a businesswoman over 40 who wants to participate in a fantastic Facebook group, click here to join Life Wise Lady!  We welcome you.


7. Hit the Mic with Stacey Harris

 Stacey started her career by working for a record label and finding bands to sign.  I think she’s the one who looks like the rock star!  Each Tuesday, Stacey and her guests discuss business, marketing, and social media while answering questions from her audience.

Favorite Episode: 3 Things You Must Know About Automated Social Media

8. The Platinum Edge Podcast with Christine Dwyer

Christine’s show is designed to teach entrepreneurs how to develop a home business through social marketing.  She is an excellent communicator and coach with a knack for inspiring her audience to set and reach big goals.


Favorite Episode: Top Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement


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Sadly, it was tougher than it should have been to come up with 8 social media podcasts for women hosted by women.  If you found value in this list, please share.  It is imperative for us to support and promote each other as often as possible.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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30 High Paying Side Hustles for Bloggers and Freelancers

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

I know several bloggers who use freelance writing to supplement their income.  It certainly isn’t passive income and can be labor intensive, but the earnings generated can get you by in lean months.  The exposure received is also beneficial to your brand and business.  Occasionally submitting work to editors helps improve your writing skills as well.  Heaven knows we can all use a little constructive criticism from time to time.

Whether you’re looking for a feather in your cap or some moolah in your pocket, Writer’s Market annual guide is an excellent resource to help you find paying assignments.  I cannot stress enough how important this book is to the freelancer trying to get paid for her work.  Every year, a new addition is published with tips and tutorials on how to submit your work in a professional and efficient manner.  The best part is, the guide reveals who is accepting articles, where to send submissions, how long it takes to get approved, and the pay rate.

Writer’s Market is divided into categories like Child Care and Parental Guidance, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Beauty and Salon, Hobby and Craft, Travel and Camping, Business and Finance.  If you want to save yourself hours of legwork, buy the book!  You can pay for an annual subscription of $40 to or purchase the book for considerably less online.  I choose to order the physical copy every year.

Take a peek at my 30 high paying side hustles for bloggers and freelancers.  Several sites were found in the book.  I’ve separated the list into categories depending upon your niche.  But first, here’s a helpful video by Maggie Linders for those of you who have little or no experience with this type of writing.

Mommy and Parenting

StorkGuide is the hub for pregnant women and new moms. This site accepts how-to’s, guides, and tips about mothering small children.  You’ll be paid $50 for posts 700 words or more.  Additionally, you’ll have a byline with a link to your website. publishes posts about parenting and life as a mom or dad. Compensation starts at $50 for up to 1,200 words.  There is also a bonus program for social shares that pays between $50-300.

Red Tricycle is geared (no pun intended) toward busy parents who want helpful articles that will inform and entertain them.  Your submission of 800 words gets you a 2-3 sentence bio and a backlink.  When your post reaches 25,000 page views, you earn $50.  They will occasionally take articles you have already published.

Fitness and Health (Physical and Mental)

Whole Life Times prints stories about natural health, alternative healing, green living, and sustainable food.  WLT pays $100-175 for articles 800-1,100 words and $35-150 for shorter posts.

American College of Healthcare Sciences invites experts to submit posts of 600-1,000 words on topics related to holistic health and wellness.  For your effort, you’ll receive $50.  Also, you will gain exposure with a photo, short bio, and a link to your personal blog or business website.

Anxiety Foundation is interested in those who would like to share their experience, knowledge or tips about mental health.  Posts should be unique and a minimum of 550 words.  Expect payment of $50, a biography, and a link to your website.  Nice!

Money Making/Saving and Personal Finance

The Dollar Stretcher is a group of publications providing readers with ways to assist them in saving time and money.  They want articles with practical tips that people can use to help them stretch their dollars.  Your posts should be 500-700 words and will earn $50-70.

Doctor of Credit accepts posts on consumer credit/finance topics including money making opportunities, bank sign up bonuses, and credit sign up promotions.  You can make $50 per post (they suggest 600+ words) including a short bio with no links.  Another option is to write an article for no compensation.  You’ll be allowed a bio and two promotional links to your website or an affiliate program you want to promote.  Excellent!

FundsForWriters is all about earning a living as a writer.  Duh, right?  They want articles with pointers, success stories, and profitable business practices related to freelancing and blogging.  Short and sweet posts of 500-600 words will earn you $50 for original content and $15 for reprints.

“If you are a writer, ask to be paid for your work. If you are asking a writer to appear, pay them.” – Hope Clark, Editor, FundsForWriters 

Hobby and Craft

Knitty accepts patterns and tutorials on, you guessed it, knitting.  Check out the site to find examples of what this publication desires.  Compensation is $120-200 plus a link to your website.

IndieMade needs original posts related to the marketing of creative companies involved in crafts, music, writing, photography, clothing design, and jewelry production.  The site only pays about $25 for a 500-word article, but you can make $60 for a 2 minute, edited video post.

Bead and Button is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to the designs, materials, and techniques needed to make beaded jewelry.  Articles range from 1,000-1,200 words and earn $75-300.


Cultures and Cuisines is a site dedicated to traveling and food.   Posts can be about exotic locations or places near your home turf.  Pay is a non-negotiable $200 for articles 800-3,000 words.

DesertUSA is a regional publication that focuses on the North American Desert.  Subject matter should emphasize natural history, adventure, and local culture.  Posts range from 1,000-1,500 words with 3-5 photos and earn $50.

Viator Travel Blog publishes travel advice, things to do, and places to go. You must agree to write a batch of 2-5 posts on a particular area or region.  Word counts range from 300-500 and pay is $45 per article.  Not bad!

Great Escape Publishing needs 300-600 word articles for its newsletter, The Right Way to Travel.  The site pays $50-200 each.  Please Note: They only respond to unsolicited articles on an as needed basis.  You may want to send an email first.

Business, Marketing, and Work at Home Mom

Freelance Mom is a blog about the topics close to the working mom’s heart.  Posts should be 900-1,500 words and earn $75-100.  If your article is the most shared that month, you’ll receive a bonus of $150.  That’s a real incentive to assist with the promotion of your article.

Women In Business is a bimonthly magazine covering issues affecting working women.  Topics include business trends, self-improvement, retirement issues, and small business ownership.  Article length should be 500-1,000 words.  They compensate with $100 per 500 words.  Good work if you can get it!

Home Business Magazine covers home office, marketing, sales, technology, networking and everything else related to home-based businesses.  This publication will pay $40-200 for articles 200-1,000 words if they are assignments.  They only offer a byline for unsolicited articles, so it might be a good idea to send a query via email first.

Tech, Website, Computer, and Internet

WPHub focuses on the WordPress development community.  Submission topics range from coding, themes, plugins, and design trends.  Your post should be 800-1,200 words and contain visuals.  Rates offered are $100-200.

A List Apart produces features, articles, and mini-articles on the design and development of web content. Posts should be 500-2,500 words.  Compensation ranges from $50-200.

WorldStart will pay $35 for an 800-word post. They look for articles about Windows, internet and e-mail tips.  Submissions should have at least one image.

HostPresto will pay you to write tutorials about web hosting, web development, and web software.  Articles should be 1,500-3,000 words.  You will earn between $75-150 for your efforts.

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Thriving Family focuses on parenting and marriage from the biblical perspective.  Posts of 50-200 words pay $50 while posts of 450 words receive 25 cents per word or about $110.  That is an outstanding rate.

Tablet is a daily online magazine consisting of Jewish news, ideas, and culture.  You’ll need to negotiate per-post pay as no rates or word minimums are listed on their submission page.  Rumor on the internet is that the site pays $400 for 1,000-1,500 word articles.

Providence publishes posts from 500-1,000 words on topics related to Christian faith, theology, foreign policy, international relations, and political theory.  The website offers $100 per job but pays $500-1,000 for longer essays and features.

Answers In Genesis is an evangelistic, educational ministry that produces a magazine dedicated to a creation-based worldview.  Article lengths vary between 500-2,000 words and pay from $75-400.

General Topics

Listverse is a quirky, funny site that publishes lists.  I know, not a surprise, given the name.  Here’s the premise; you write an unusual, entertaining post of at least ten items composed of one paragraph each.  Submissions should be about 1,800 words, including the introduction.  If accepted, you’ll get $100.

Women on Writing accepts articles related to the craft of writing and publishing.  Articles range anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 words and earn $50-75.

LoveToKnow offers advice to women on the topics of beauty, health, technology, home and garden, money, lifestyle, and travel.  This gig is freelance, but you would be under contract.  They require at least one year of professional writing experience and offer $25-100 per post.

Well, that’s my complete list of 30 high paying side hustles for bloggers and freelancers.  It is intended for fledgling writers or seasoned authors who need to pad their resume and pay off a few expenses.  If you need additional ideas on how to generate cash, read my post about paying off debt here.

I hope you found the information valuable.  If so, please share it with others so they can get paid what they are worth.  Do you know of other sites that offer fair compensation to writers?  Give us the low down in the comment section below.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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Attack of the Algorithms! 10 Expert Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Recently, I was enjoying a couple of top-notch business podcasts (Social Media Marketing and The Science of Social Media) and heard some similar and alarming news from both about algorithms.  But first, let me explain the word algorithm. In this case, it is the set of rules that define usage set by each platform.

As I listened, I learned that Facebook, Twitter, and others are punishing you for submitting unpopular content.  If you post something that’s a dud, your next submission will have less reach.  Okay, maybe this isn’t news to you, but there’s more.  The social media gods are going to also penalize you for duplicate content if they aren’t already.  That’s right.  It’s coming.  If you put blood, sweat, and tears into a post, you will be punished for scheduling it again and again on the same platform.  Yikes!

These changes, of course, are in an attempt to clean up the end user’s experience.  Facebook and the others don’t want spam, fake news, or low-quality content on their sites.  While I appreciate the intent as a reader, I hate the consequences as a business owner.  It means online marketers are in for more work and less reward.   “What can be done to save us?” you cry.  Lucky for us, the experts had 10 tips to keep our businesses safe.

      1.  Delete posts on social media after an hour or two if they get zero engagement.  You can resubmit at a different time with different wording or a new image.  Eventually, though, this tactic may not work because the algorithms could identify duplicate content by your post’s URL alone.

      2. When your post is earning likes, shares, retweets, etc., consider paying a few dollars to promote it.  Use whatever marketing budget you have to grow your reach, even if it’s just a few dollars per week.  Yeah, you knew it was ultimately about the money.

      3. Write more posts.  Sigh.  If you’re going to be ignored by social media after you submit new content, create more often.  The interesting outcome here could be the decline of evergreen content.  As a result, you could write articles about time-sensitive topics more often. It’s something to consider.

      4. According to the experts at the MeetEdgar blog, Facebook reactions (love, haha, wow, sad, and angry) are given more value than a mere ‘like.’  So, it’s imperative to use images and titles that evoke emotion.  People who are scrolling through their feeds will often choose to react without even clicking on your content itself. 

      5. Use video.  Facebook has already declared that it’s pushing its live video to the top of the feed.  This is not surprising because when your posts are clicked on, the reader will be sent away from Facebook to your site.   Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg don’t want that!  Use video several times per week.  Michael Stelzner, CEO and Founder of Social Media Examiner humorously says, “Facebook is like the Hotel California.  You can check out, but you can never leave,”

      6. Send your friends and family a message and request they like, react to, and share your newly submitted content immediately.  Facebook seems to treat quick interaction as a sign of quality content.

      7. Get your email list going. You can send your latest post through email assuring that your audience will see the content being hidden or lost by social media.  I signed up for ConvetKit because of its unique automation features and because it was designed for professional bloggers.  Although, I know of several types of businesses that also use it successfully.

      8.  Have more social media accounts.  Again, sigh.  I don’t want more platforms to manage, but if I get less reach with each of the five I have, then I have no choice.  YouTube and Periscope might be good options if you’re not already using them because they’re video platforms.  Don’t forget about Stumbleupon and Reddit.  They may be smaller than the major players, but they still have considerable reach.

      9. Use your analytics to learn what types of material, topics, words, and phrases resonate with your audience.  Dive deep into your insights and study what works for your ideal clients and readers.  Analytics are a feature of almost all social media platforms and Google.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

      10. Become a member of as many groups as you can manage to gain exposure. These could include Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest groups.  Another option is to participate in Twitter chats.  Thirdly, find Tailwind tribes to join.  Tailwind is a great scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.  Tribes are essentially groups of pinners who agree to pin each other’s content frequently.

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    I sincerely hope you found these expert tips for handling the new algorithms beneficial in planning a successful marketing strategy.  I know I did.  Please consider sharing this post, so fellow business owners can learn the facts and get the growth and prosperity they deserve.

    Life is better when we lift each other up.

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7 Innovative Sites to Help You Crush It in Business

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

I love shopping.  Not for clothes, handbags, makeup, shoes or jewelry, but for products that make me more efficient.  Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate a quality outfit.  However, nothing relieves my stress more than finding a tool that boosts my productivity.  Okay, maybe yoga and wine are also on my list for anxiety relief, but I’ll keep my focus on organizational tools for now.  After all, time is our most precious commodity.  If there’s a system or technique that will help me manage my work and avoid anxiety, I’m all over it.  In my never-ending search for the latest and greatest, I’ve found 7 innovative sites to help you crush it in business from this day forward.

  • Grammarly – I’m telling you, this tool saves my bacon.  I started using it when I wrote my first article and have been relying on it ever since.  The basic features are free, but I paid the nominal annual subscription rate for the upgraded version.  Grammarly checks for spelling and grammar errors as well as correct sentence structure in my blog posts, emails, social media messages, and Word documents.  I also use the browser extension when I surf the web.  This impressive platform can also be used for cover letters, term papers, business proposals and works within Microsoft Office.

  • – This business began in 1999 as one of the internet’s first wake-up call services and evolved into a mass online notification company with over 80,000 clients including Fortune 500 companies, schools, and government agencies.  With this service, you can send voice or text messages and emails to groups of customers, coworkers or family members.  You can send a 30-second message to up to 25 contacts once per week at no charge.  Beyond that, you can use a pay-as-you-go package or subscribe to the economical and unlimited monthly plan.  DialMyCalls is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

  •  WorkFrom  – I recently started using this site because I was tired of working from the same old haunts I had been visiting for months.  I desperately needed a change of scenery and some better amenities.  If you are a remote worker and long for unique, new spaces with available wi-fi, then WorkFrom is for you.  After you create your free account, you’ll gain access to the listing of public and private spots that will allow you to get stuff done more efficiently.  Each location is rated by you and other Workfrom community members for high-speed internet connections, comfort, access to outlets, and other details important to digital nomads.  You can access the website or use the iOS or Android app.

  • TimeAndDate You don’t want to miss an important client call or phone meeting with a colleague rooted in another time zone.  I was recently attempting to schedule an interview with a podcaster who was located thousands of miles from me.  For some reason, it was difficult to correctly calculate the time difference and schedule a time that would work for me.  Fortunately, I managed the task, but the experience took longer than it should have.  I vowed to correct that problem and found TimeAndDate.  It’s free, but you will need to open an account to get access to most of the site’s offerings.  This powerful tool helps calculate more than the hours between time zones.  It boasts features that lookup international dialing codes, print and manage calendars, find worldwide weather forecasts, plan national and international meetings and more.  The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

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  • CamCard – This site and app are more than just a business card management system and scanner.  After you take a photo of a card, it auto-populates text fields and creates a contact for you to save and share with your email and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs.  CamCard can also export this information into Microsoft Office programs.  The technology is perfect for networking events, conferences, and client meetings as you can exchange e-cards with each other.  How eco-friendly can you get?  The stripped-down, free versions are available on Android and iOs as well as the paid, upgraded apps.

  • Gboard – This is an app rather than an actual website. As a new user of this third-party iPhone or Android keyboard, I appreciate that it’s increased my texting speed.  I’m probably the slowest smartphone keyboard user on planet Earth!  Gboard offers glide typing and built-in search.  This means you can be in the process of texting someone and look up an address or any other information you need and paste it in the conversation without opening your browser.  Just tap the Google button to search.  Easy as pie!  Use Slash Keyboard as an alternative if you are an avid Android user.

  •  TripIt – I used to equate travel with stress.  That was before I began utilizing this wonderful travel organizer. Now I can’t imagine booking a recreation or business junket without this handy tool.  TripIt consolidates the confirmations and emails from hotels, airlines, and car rental companies into a master itinerary on my phone or computer.  No more flipping between apps or emails!  If a flight is delayed, canceled or a gate number changes, I get a quick update that saves me time and aggravation.  The platform’s basic features are free to use, but you can upgrade to the annual plan or TripIt Pro that keeps track of reward program points, finds alternate flights with open seats, and shares itineraries with others. 

I hope you utilize this list of 7 innovative sites to help you crush it in business.  If you found these resources valuable, please share it with coworkers, family members, and friends and let me know which is your favorite tool and why.

Life is better when we lift each other up.