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Never Too Late for a Startup!

It’s Never Too Late for a Startup!

The most exciting thing about the world of entrepreneurship is that initiatives are not bound by retirement age. Business owners are often stereotypically seen as young twenty-somethings straight out of college (or dropouts in...
Identify Premium Guest Blogging Opportunities

How to Identify Premium Guest Blogging Opportunities

I think you’ll agree that guest posting for business is one of the most challenging marketing strategies for entrepreneurs to master. If you’re considering entering the world of guest blogging, you probably have trepidations...
Tips on How to Feel Gratitude:

How to Feel Gratitude After a Disastrous Year

The #1 secret to understanding and effectively feel gratitude living a grateful life is in your acceptance that gratitude is not a one-and-done fleeting thought fueled by Thanksgiving. Instead, it is an actual state...
Stop a Troll Stole My Content

Help! A Troll Stole My Content; And How to Stop it

Nothing is more infuriating or frustrating to an online entrepreneur than a content thief. The idea that some lazy, immoral has the audacity to copy your products, images, or articles is enough to make...
How to Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness After 40; Why Now Is The Right Time

Have you ever scheduled an interview, a date, or a meeting and needed to give yourself a pep talk before the big moment? Take a deep breath and swallowed hard, telling yourself, “I can...
Diversity in the Boardroom

How Diversity in the Boardroom is Boosting Employee Morale

When I was little, I knew men made more money than women and almost always held higher positions. It was a fact of life. In my neighborhood, fathers were the main breadwinners, while mothers...

Chrometophobia; How the Fear of Spending is Hurting Your Business

Do you suffer from a slight case of chrometophobia, the fear of spending, or managing money? Do you hoard cash or spend it too freely? Are you willing to or capable of investing extra...
Midlife Career Change Ideas That Don’t Suck

11 Midlife Career Change Ideas That Don’t Suck

Want to know what's wrong with most lists of midlife career change ideas? They SUCK! That's right; I said it. Until you inherited a large sum of money, don't need to rely on a...
fear and overwhelm in business

How to Control Fear and Overwhelm in Business: An Expert Speaks

Randi Levin has helped hundreds of fledgling entrepreneurs avoid fear and overwhelm in business lives throughout the years. She is a nationally recognized life strategist, author, keynote speaker, and reinvention expert. As an advocate...

How to Write a Shareable Blog Post Quickly

Whether you own a business with a blog, you’re a freelance writer, or a traditional blogger, learning to write a shareable blog post quickly is an essential skill that can be quite lucrative. Even...

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