How to Use Hashtracking and Other Hashtag Lookup Tools


I no longer look at the # symbol and say, “that’s the pound sign.”  I suppose the repetitiveness of social media has beaten that response out of me.  It did take several months to make that mental shift, though.  I remember a few years back when I didn’t understand what a hashtag was or why a company would need to use one.  Times have certainly changed for business owners.

It’s not enough to start and maintain accounts on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the rest.  Your complete understanding of each platform is vital to your success.  You probably already know that users of Twitter and Instagram often include hashtags in their posts to gain more exposure for their products and services.  Some businesses are better at this tactic than others.  But, how do the successful people do it?  They know how to use Hashtracking and other hashtag lookup tools to boost their social media traffic.


I have to say; I recommend this tool for medium to large businesses or blogs because it’s a pricey subscription product meant to help you with both Instagram and Twitter.  However, you can get a free trial.  Hashtracking gives you a wealth of information about your own branded, unique hashtag or any generic one.  Discover peak use times, engagement, participation, sources, comments, likes, reach, and more.  The analytics are extremely impressive.


Tailwind has recently introduced a hashtag finder for Instagram.  Up until now, there have not been many Instagram hashtag tools on the market that are affordable and helpful.  This tool suggests the best hashtags for your posts as you type your Instagram captions.  You can include up to thirty tags per post, so Tailwind allows you to save groups of them in their Hashtag Lists feature. You can then access and use that group on any future post you want.  Tailwind claims that users grow their Instagram likes five times faster than non-users.



The free version of Hashtagify provides you with their Compact Hashtags Encyclopedia (Twitter only) including ten related hashtags, six top influencers for your chosen tag and some introductory course material on hashtags.  The upgraded package gives you more information and courses plus access to their Hashtags Lab for Instagram.  I utilize the free program to find the popularity of a tag and then to discover the top ten related hashtags.


TagDef is the most straightforward resource for hashtags I’ve seen.  When you don’t know the meaning of a particular tag, just type it in and ta-dah!  You will have an instant definition.  For example, #oomf means ‘one of my friends’ or ‘one of my followers.’  Pssst, you could use this helpful site to decipher your kid’s texts or tweets.  It’s a thought.


RiteTag is probably my favorite free Twitter tool.  Although, Hashtagify is a close second.  The site tells you if you should use a hashtag or not.  Type in your query and the program will categorize it as either green (use this # to get seen now) or blue (use this # to get seen over time) or gray (do not use this # because of low traffic) or red (do not use this # because it’s overused).  You will also be given related tags when you search by topic.  I wrote a list post of 700+ hashtags for businesswomen and bloggers.  Click here to check it out.

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I have heard a few experts say that you’re not supposed to use more than two or three tags per tweet, or the rate of retweets and interaction goes down.  Additionally, you should no longer put “please rt” or “please share” in any posts on most platforms.  I don’t know if that applies to the hashtags #rt or #share.  Use those at your own risk.  You may be pushed down the feed or ‘shadowbanned’ or voted off the island or whatever it’s called today.

Now that you know how to use Hashtracking and other hashtag lookup tools, you will be able to increase your social media engagement.  These resources will also cut down on the amount of time you spend on your Twitter and Instagram marketing.

If you found this post helpful, please share it so other business owners and bloggers can benefit.  Do you have any suggestions for effective social media tools?  Don’t keep them secret.  Let us know in the comment section.

Life is better when we lift each other up.

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How to Use Hashtracking and Other Hashtag Lookup Tools, Hashtag Tips for Twitter, Hashtags for Instagram


    • Hey, Taylor. I know you can boost traffic with hashtags. It’s working for me. Thanks for sharing and stopping by.

    • Hi, Phil. Most people neglect their social media because they are overwhelmed. I hope this post inspires you and makes it a bit easier on you. Thank you for your feedback.

  1. I never have understood this stuff. I’m pinning for future reference. I need to get up-to-speed, because I’m sure I have not been using hashtags to the best advantage. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi, Mimi. Hashtags are not very complex, but anything new is tough. I am writing a list post that has dozens of high-quality hashtags for biz owners and bloggers. Stay tuned! Thank you for the feedback.

    • Hi, Victoria. It is critical to keep up on your social media methods. Things are changing rapidly. The strategies that worked a few years ago may not be effective anymore. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

    • Hello, Brenda. There have been studies on the effectiveness of hashtags that show if you include more than 2-3, then people tend to not engage with your post. I hope this helps you. Thanks for your input.

    • Hey there, Jenna. You’re welcome. These hashtag tools are great. I use them frequently. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi, Shirley. Actually, I’m working on a post that will just show you the top hashtags for several niches. You can choose from the list, put it on your Twitter post and you’re done. It’s not as difficult as you think. Thanks for your input.

  2. As a kid, it was a number sign. When I started working for a cell company in the early 90’s we used to call it a pound sign or even a tic tac toe sign so that people could find it on the phone. By the time I left that company this year, we were calling it a hashtag, pound sign, number sign or tick tac toe sign depending on the age of the caller!

    • Hey, Jennifer. That cracks me up. I either called it the pound sign or the number sign while growing up. My, how things change! Thanks for your input.

    • Hi, Rose. I agree. Hashtags are very important for engagement for your business or blog. It’s difficult to get noticed without them. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi, GiGi. I hope you find much success with these fun tools. They really help. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hi, Jennifer. You’re more than welcome. I’m glad the post helped. Let me know if you have any other questions about hashtags. They sure boost my social media stats. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Lisa. You’re very welcome. I hope the links come in handy for your social media planning. Thank you for dropping by and sharing.

    • Hey, Carol. At least there are tools to help with the overwhelming list of to-dos in social media. I don’t know what I would do without them. I hope you find the right hashtags for your site. Thank you for your input.


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