11 Breathtaking Cindy Gallop Quotes About Equality


Cindy Gallop is an outspoken champion of women in the workforce.  When she speaks, people in the corporate world sit up, take notice, and often cringe.  She doesn’t care.  As the chair of the U.S. branch of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, a global advertising agency, she was known to make waves in the male-dominated industry.

She has since utilized her considerable influence and experience to found the startups IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn.  She also wrote a book on the latter, Make Love Not Porn: Technology’s Hardcore Impact On Human Behavior.  Her 2009 TED talk on the topic has received almost two million views on YouTube.  Here are 11 breathtaking Cindy Gallop quotes about equality that helped catapult her to celebrity status and become the business crush of thousands.  

“I deplore the shying away that can go on, within women, from the term ‘feminist.’  I am, absolutely, all about being a feminist.”

“I like to describe myself as a proudly visible member of the most invisible segment of our society – older women.”

“Women who play it the way the men do, play by the men’s rules, are seen as domineering, aggressive bitches.”



“I am all for the Lean In movement.  But the Lean In movement is all about how women can win while working within the existing corporate structure and the existing system and the existing world of business.  I don’t want you to do that.  I want you to redesign it.”

“You’ll never own the future if you care what other people think.”

“I realized I was an attractive older woman who never wanted to settle down.”

“If I ran the world, I would find a way to bring the wealth of human good intentions and corporate good intentions together – to activate them collectively into shared action against shared objectives that produces shared hard, tangible results.”


“My personal cause and platform, if you like, is women’s rights and women’s issues.”

“Women challenge the status quo because we are never it.”

“Do you have a different point of view from the men?  Say so!  Do you see an all male environment in your agency?  Call it out and do something about it!”

“I idolize every woman who has ever fought to make equality happen for all of us.”

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So, what do you think of these provocative Cindy Gallop quotes?  Does she go over the top or is she right on the money?  I wrote an extensive post on the struggles of career women, including a bit of advice from her.  Check it out here.   Whether you like her or not, Cindy is here to stay.  Is she your business crush or do you have someone else in mind?  Leave a comment below and let’s keep this conversation going.

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11 Breathtaking Cindy Gallop Quotes About Equality.  She is responsible for some of the most provocative and motivational quotes for women.


    • Hey, Rena. She is brash and unafraid to speak her mind. I almost feel sorry for anyone who decides to take her on! Thanks for the comment.

    • Hi, Kim. I don’t believe I want to be quite as outspoken as Cindy, but I do speak my mind. It’s great to have her fighting so hard for us, don’t ya think?

  1. Hi Jen. I so agree with what Cindy says about aggressive women. People think a woman is ‘bossy’ or a ‘bi*ch’ if she speaks up and stands her ground, whereas in a man, those attributes would be seen as strength.

    • Yes, Doreen, I have to agree with you and Cindy. Men are respected when they speak their minds while women are not. It’s been that way forever and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Thanks for your comments.

    • Hi, Shari. I love that quote too. It’s so difficult to pick my favorite, though. They are all so fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I worked for Time Magazine back in the day (the 1960s) when women couldn’t be writers or editors–only researchers (whose memos were often the edited version of the article that appeared in the magazine. I was a letters correspondent–my first job out of college– so I saw it all. I often wonder why I didn’t “fight back”–Good Girls Revolt gave me some clues. We needed a Cindy back then. Badly.

    • Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is clearly something younger women need to know. The sexism and discrimination back then was much more overt. The situation has gotten better, but not near enough.

  3. I’ve never heard of Cindy Gallop and it looks like I’ve been missing out! Having worked for decades in male laden business environments, I long ago accepted my status as feminist–or as Gloria Steinmen put it: A humanist.
    I believe we can be equal to each other–we just need to even out some of the playing fields. Like shattering glass ceilings!

    • Greetings, RoseMary. I think all women should be introduced to the work and words of Cindy Gallop. She is a force to be reckoned with! I’m with ya on the glass ceiling thing. Time for it to break!

  4. Good post; I wish Cindy Gallop the best in finding sexual partners who don’t want to (fill in the blank).

    I did want to comment on one of the above quotes: “Women challenge the status quo because we are never it.” Oh yeah? I think of the recent presidential campaign. The quote in question was somewhat true regarding Jill Stein but emphatically not true regarding Hillary Clinton, who epitomized the Establishmentarian status quo and lost the election in part because of that. (Donald Trump’s supporters are in for a rude awakening if Trump himself is co-opted by that same status quo, as I predict will happen.) As Gallop is from across the pond, I’ll add that the quote was not exactly applicable to Margaret Thatcher, and I doubt it’ll apply to Theresa May, either.

    • Hello, Andrew. Wow, I love your in-depth analysis of the situation on both sides of the pond. I think Europe is light years ahead of the U.S. just by having had 2 leaders who are/were female. We shall have to wait at least another four years to see if we can finally break the ultimate glass ceiling here in America. Thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate the male perspective on this issue.

  5. Jen, love these quotes and Cindy Gallop seems to be a lovely inspiring lady!
    Thank for sharing this, I have a strange love when it comes to quotes dear 🙂

  6. I had not heard of Cindy Gallop either before this post, but she wounds like quite an impressive woman. I am glad I do not work in corporate America or even in the classroom anymore. As a freelance editor who who works mostly with female authors I’ll admit it’s nice not being under the scrutinizing gaze of men at times, especially the ones who have an issue with looking a female in the eye. I had a boss like that once and it drove me crazy.

    • Hi, Jeri. I too am grateful to be self-employed and out of the rat race. It seems almost every woman I know has had at least one similar experience to yours with a male boss. It’s so frustrating and unnecessary.

  7. I’ve watched a lot of TED Talks but someone I’ve missed Cindy Gallop so thanks for the introduction. Powerful quotations to be sure, and I’ve bookmarked her talk to watch it later. Thanks!

    • Greetings, Marquita. Let me know what you think of the TED talk after you’ve watched it. The presentation is certainly something to behold. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I went to a woman’s leadership conference once and was surprised and sad to hear one woman say that she acts like a man in the boardroom in order to get their respect. This included wearing pants and then sitting with her legs spread wide like a man. I wonder when more men will start acting like women in a boardroom?

    • Yikes, Jennifer. That is a disturbing story. We, as a society, need to get more women on boards and into higher management positions so women don’t feel like the odd ‘man’ out and find it necessary to alter their behavior in meetings to be heard. Thanks for sharing your memory.

  9. Thanks for sharing such great quotes. Women need to stand up now more than ever especially with the present political leadership in power.

    • Hello, Pat. Women do need to stand up for themselves just as much as they ever did. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.

    • Hey, Cathy. Cindy is quite a lady, isn’t she? I love that quote too. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your favorite quote.

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